Apptivo’s Solution To The Leaks In Your Conversion Funnels

Let’s imagine a bucket full of water fetched from a well, but it has some holes in it. On your way home, it is likely to get empty. But still, if you have some water left, it wouldn’t be anywhere near what you had fetched from the well. This scenario is very well relatable to your sales funnel where the bucket is the funnel itself and the water is the visitors on your website. Your sales funnel likely has leaks in it that cause your potential customers to leave and not make any purchase despite being interested in your product. Now, the confusion here for businesses is that should they work on fixing the leaks or start capturing more prospects that may increase their conversion rate even if their conversion funnel has leaks in it. With Apptivo, let’s look into the best solutions to the leaks in your conversion funnel.

Detecting The Leaks In Your Conversion Funnel

Before you get to the solution to fix the leaks in your conversion funnel, you need to find them first. And if you’ve chosen to fix the leaks rather than capturing more prospects, then you are more likely to benefit your business. Because even with more leads, there are the same chances of them leaving your conversion funnel as there are with lesser leads. Therefore, before fixing, let’s see how you can detect the major leaks in your sales funnel starting with:

  • Pinpointing the location where the leaks are
    To know the exact position of a leak in your conversion funnel, you need to have access to a certain amount of user data to track their movement across the funnel. Therefore, you have to know the actions of users before departing from your sales funnel. For doing this, you need to have a platform that allows you to track user behavior throughout the journey as well as provide you the crucial data needed to improve the performance of your conversion funnel. Hence, at this stage, Apptivo CRM plays an integral role by making you aware of the stages of your leads in the sales funnel as well as giving you access to the important information so that you can track your leads successfully.
  • Determining the reason for the departure of leads
    Being aware of the location where your conversion funnel has leaks in it isn’t enough for fixing those leaks. For being able to fix the leaks in your conversion funnel, you need to know the exact reason why your leads are leaving at that particular instant. Your leads are more likely to leave your conversion funnel because of the reasons like problems in UX, lesser engagement, low customer retention, inactivity post-conversion, etc. In this situation, Apptivo helps you by giving you access to all the required applications to cater to the needs of your potential customers. With Apptivo, you get the benefits of applications like Lead Management & Tracking Software, Opportunities, and Sales Planning that help you in nurturing your leads throughout the conversion funnel and have your sales targets met to the earliest.

The process for finding the leaks in your conversion funnel ends here. By now, you have the information as to where and why your leads are leaving. Now, you have to work on fixing those reasons and ensure that most of your leads turn into customers and make a purchase rather than leaving the funnel due to a small reason.

Fixing the Leaks in Your Conversion Funnel

Coming to the solution making fixes and plugging the leaks in your conversion funnel, you need to ensure two different things, i.e. your conversion funnel is quantitatively as well as qualitatively robust. To have your funnel fixed and improve its performance, you have to implement both the solutions into the flow. Let’s get through these solutions.

  • Quantitative Solution

    The quantitative solution to fixing the leaks in your conversion funnel deals with the objective reasons that uncover what has caused your customer to have such behavior. It includes similar potential causes that affect a large number of leads and cause them to leave. The reasons behind this type of leak in the funnel may be technical issues such as your website not optimized according to the devices and browsers of most of the users, inaccurate analytics data, broken links to your website, irrelevancy & errors in form fields, etc.

    The solutions to these types of problems include full technical analysis and optimization of your user interface and websites etc. Upon implementing the solution to the above-mentioned problems, your leads are more likely to spend more time on your website and make a purchase rather than leave because of any technical hassle. By having the quantitative solutions in action, you can increase the performance of your conversion funnel and have more leads across the funnel.

  • Qualitative Solution

    The qualitative solution to fixing the leaks in your conversion funnel deals with the subjective reasons that reveal the reason behind why your customers are showing such behavior. It includes reasons that individually affect a customer and make them leave your conversion funnel. The main reasons behind these types of leaks in the funnel are bad user experience, your products not being relevant to the customers, the problems they are facing in making a purchase, the information regarding a product not being sufficient for the customers, any confusion that lies with the customers, etc.

    By taking certain steps such as on-site surveys, customer interviews, customer surveys, user testing, etc., you can ensure that the qualitative solutions to these problems are in place and the users aren’t left with just a bad experience, but they are being prioritized and their problems solved. These solutions enable you to provide a great user experience to your users so that they have an opinion about your brand and are expected to make purchases quicker than normal.


Your sales funnel, or metaphorically talking, your bucket is likely to have many leaks at a time, and as you fix one you may get introduced to two more. But if you fix them as soon as you know about them, you’d have a more optimized experience with your conversion funnel. So, instead of capturing more leads work on maintaining your funnel in great shape.

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