We are happy to inform you that this week Apptivo has been released with two brand new apps, several apps upgraded to 4.0, and many more features. The two new apps included into Apptivo are Kit Work Orders and Insurance Tracker. Five apps were migrated to version 4.0: Employees App, Inventory Management App, Receiving App, Shipments App, and Documents App. As integrations are very important for apps to communicate, in this release we have implemented integration between Shipments App and Inventory Management App.

Follow ups helps you to track important reminders better, now you can view your follow up in two different ways: calendar and list view. This tab is available in License and Insurance Tracker Apps, in addition to the CRM apps. Another solid addition is a new enhanced monthly report for all of your employee’s timesheets.

We’ve also delivered on one other really common request from customers, bulk editing. We now allow you to make mass-changes across many different objects inside of our CRM apps. You can count on seeing more bulk actions added across other apps over the upcoming releases.

Here is a quick look at our new Kit Work Orders App:

kit workorders app

New Business App Features

This Monday, we added the following new features to Apptivo:

  1. New business apps added into Apptivo
  2. Apps migrated to version 4.0 with a fresh look and feel
  3. Integration between Shipments & Item Inventory App
  4. Included my follow ups tab to Insurance & License tracker App
  5. List view added to follow-ups in the Homepage and CRM section
  6. Reports section included in the Timesheets App
  7. Mass delete and assignments included in the CRM Apps
  8. Contacts will appear as group wise when importing
  9. Setup maximum limit when importing contacts
  10. Export feature included in the Items App

Bug Fixes and UX Imporvements

This Monday, we fixed the following issues in Apptivo:

  1. Overall bug fixes and improvements to the following App:
    • Timesheets App
    • Projects App
    • Answers App
    • Ideas App
    • Items App
  2. Customers will be synced into Contacts
  3. Completed and aborted tasks won’t visible in the default list
  4. Updated all the App icons
  5. Home page updates:
    • App slider replacement
    • App icons replacing
  6. Email section:
    • Auto suggestion in email
    • Auto populating email addresses.

Upcoming Business Solutions

In the next release we will be making the following updates to Apptivo

  1. Migrating the following Apps into version 4.0
    • Ledger App
    • Receivables App
    • Patents App
  2. New apps added into Apptivo:
    • Fund raising App
    • App builder
  3. New interface to custom attributes
  4. Improvements in the following Apps:
    • Kitting Work Orders App
    • Invoices App
    • Documents App
    • Employees App
  5. Google App updates:
    • Bulk assignments updates
    • Contacts App user experience improvements
    • Domain restriction to one firm
    • Dropbox (Box and Dropbox changes)

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