Apptivo – The Ultimate Customer Retention Strategy

In this competitive age, staying consistent isn’t as easy as it seems. Customers today are being bombarded by infinite adverts from such a large number of alternate companies and service providers. Without a proper retention strategy, most businesses are likely to lose their customers with the first attempt of your competitors to attract them. Even though today’s adverts are so much effective in convincing the customers that someone is offering the same service with better features it couldn’t cause you any loss as you have already convinced your customers to buy your products. And fairly speaking that was the only hard part of it. Now, the next step to ensure that your customers stay is to provide them with enough incentives to do so. So, with Apptivo let’s see how you can ensure customer retention.

Customer retention isn’t a process that you can start anytime and get results. For your customers to trust your brand and make them believe that yours is the best they can get, you need to work right from the start so that they can develop the feeling of authenticity and trust with you. Hence, the strategy to ensure customer retention starts from:

Strong Onboarding

The risk of a customer leaving as soon as he connects with your brand is a matter of concern for every business. Hence, to make sure that you don’t miss any chance or give them any reason to depart, you have to work on a strong onboarding process so that they are fascinated with your services at the early stages. Apptivo CRM Software helps you in this process by supporting your customers right from the instant when they are just a lead to you, by providing better communication, and giving them the necessary support.

Delivering Great Customer Experience

Customer expectations are nowadays at the highest due to the advancements in the methods of delivering services to the people. Because of this, they now have increased demands that give rise to the need for great customer support. So, you have to ensure that your customer support can provide the best experience to your customers so that they don’t get any less than great. Apptivo helps you in this by giving you access to its Integrated Contact Center & HelpDesk that gives you the features to provide the best experience to your customers.

Focusing on Customer Feedback

Providing your customers with quality services doesn’t mean that they are satisfied with your support, as your services aren’t always beneficial for a customer. In that case, you need to constantly take feedback from your customers regarding your services so that you can ensure that you fulfill their needs. Apptivo Opportunities app helps you in managing the different stages of a customer lifecycle so that you can track their requirements at every level with proper feedback.

Look for Customer Churn Indications

When customers plan to cancel your product and try other alternatives, they often give indications that they are about to leave your brand. The most obvious indications include customer complaints, low customer health scores, and negative reviews. So, you need to look for those indications and work on interacting with them so that you can find the main issues they are facing and work on improving their experience to prevent churning.

Work on Customer relationships

When customers are linked with a brand, they expect the company to not just react to their issues but also contact them regularly so that they don’t have to worry about many things. It means that you should focus on proper management of your relationships with your customers and not only sending them periodic messages to notify them about their expiring subscription. Apptivo CRM is the best tool for this purpose as it brings to you all the necessary tools to provide your customers with the best experience by leveraging their contact points with your brand.

Creating Customer Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are an essential part of a customer relationship as they ensure customer retention. It is because loyalty programs let you offer special perks and benefits to your customers based on the level of loyalty they have to your brand. The advantages linked with loyalty programs encourage your customers to be connected with your brand.

Tracking Customers’ Behavior

Even after so much effort to ensure customer retention, there are still some customers in a business that would leave no matter what. But the matter of concern with this is that the amount of time and resources that businesses invest in those customers is essentially a waste. So, they need to know about those customers that are likely to stay as well as those who are certain to leave. Apptivo helps you in this by giving you access to different reports based on customer behavior that lets you accurately predict their relationship with you and save your time & resources.

Value your Old Customers

As some customers are likely to leave, some have been with your brand for a long time and are expected to stay in the future too. So apart from loyalty programs and other perks, you need to address their presence in a better way by showing them that they are important to your business. You can do so by contacting them with better deals that benefit them as well as giving them certain other advantages.

So, these are the main strategic points from Apptivo that would let you make your customers feel valued and stay connected to your brand, ensuring retention.


Providing great customer service serves as a foundation for customer loyalty that results in your customers looking for a long-term relationship with your brand. You need to go beyond support initiatives and customer support to ensure that your customers prefer staying in relationship with your brand. So, in that process, be proactive with your customers to ensure retention.

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