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In any business, strong Supply Chain Management is required to yield a smooth flow of goods and services. The journey of goods starting from the raw materials and ending up into final finished products should involve detailed activities. And, a great Supply Chain Management system allows the effective streamlining of those activities to escalate the customer value and allows you to gain an advantage over the market competition. With a great Supply Chain Management system, you can strip excess costs involved in the processes of distribution, inventory handling, and faster delivery of products. All of this can be achieved by having disciplined control over the activities timeline. Let us take a tour of Apptivo’s Supply Chain Management and explore its potential for your business.

Supply Chain Module

Intelligence Dashboards in Opportunities app

Apptivo features a fast and simple solution to manage your business inventory and purchase workflows. It consists of automatic Inventory Management and options to update your inventory count as soon as goods and other items are moved from your inventory. Whenever an order is placed, items are shipped to a buyer, received from a seller, or are moved across different warehouses, the system automatically recognizes based on the configuration to update the inventory. Our system also includes warehouse handling options consisting of personalized options to meet your needs that results in increased productivity. Also, you can create new warehouses and generate codes for easier handling across several stockroom.

In the case of orders placed by any buyer, the system directly creates invoices based on the data that went through the WordPress website and contacts the customer by mailing the invoices directly to them. Further, packing slips are generated for the orders at the time of shipment resulting in easy management and identification of shipped goods. And shipping of the orders is confirmed by pick releasing to seal and secure the shipment.

Purchase Orders

Intelligence Dashboards in Opportunities app

While purchasing goods and raw materials for restocking warehouses, there is a mess that is created around the goods management that results in a certain loss of goods and stacking up extra costs over it. Apptivo’s Purchase Order application features unlimited purchase order tracking and keeping a record of the vendors, quantities, prices, and other services. With all of the orders properly recorded, no goods would result as misplaced and get confused over different locations in warehouses. Using the same records, new goods are directly routed towards the creation of purchase invoices from your side that involve the number of received goods in the shipment that you can send to your suppliers and initiate the purchasing process.

The Order Management in Apptivo is a comprehensive yet powerful solution that helps you keep record of buyers of your goods, amounts, and prices books. It results in simple Order Management that allows quick and efficient processing of orders. All of it resulting in an adaptable and personalized workflow that is rather streamlined and delivers utmost satisfaction to your customers.

Distribution Management

Intelligence Dashboards in Opportunities app

Apptivo’s Distribution System is a conclusive solution to all of the supply chain needs that offers a greatly accessible system along with ensuring a user-friendly experience and a much safer option for the needs of your business. It features a wide variety of options to manage your stockrooms and warehouses so you can yield more efficiency in managing shipments and make the services available to your customers at their need. The main features of Apptivo Distribution Management include:

  • Effortless Management Of Orders

    Be it purchase orders or sales orders, you can manage multiple orders and get the most out of them. With our Distribution Management application, you get access to customized features allowing you to control specific orders according to your needs. Set up custom prices, quantities, and timings of the orders based on negotiated results or as standardized by you.

  • Simplified & Secure Payment Options

    The system features automatic invoice generation based on the orders placed by buyers or to the sellers/suppliers. Invoices are generated without any hassle and do not require any continued input by you, as orders are included as per the updates. Apart from that, you can also manage payment in your custom ledgers devoted to individual customers and suppliers that keep track of any deferred payments or remaining debts.

  • Inventory Management & Reporting

    Apptivo features an engaging inventory management system that allows you to gain valuable statistics on the quantities of goods and then manage your stocks accordingly. Using the simple and efficient system, you can keep your inventory updated in real-time, hence saving your time and costs on different aspects. The customized reporting capabilities allow you to generate timely reports based on orders status and the moving of different assets. This way you can analyze your operations and workflow.

All of these features allow you to experience unique and top-tier solutions for improving the efficiency in your Supply Chain process. Hence, making your business to have a smooth and organized customer journey.


The present market situations may result in you to face several obstacles while managing different aspects of your business. In the same condition, you may find it extremely difficult to manage your supply chain that involves a variety of operations and processes in which you need to deal with different things. Apptivo comes to your service, offering you a simplified Supply Chain Management system that allows your business to experience clean and smooth management of different aspects and track the related factors. Apptivo gives you a new face and allows you to control the supply chain and related operations more effectively and efficiently.

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