Apptivo Suite of Apps - A tour to the App Store

When we say, ‘‘Apptivo is an integrated cloud suite of 65+ applications, we are indicating the comprehensive management of your business workflow online right from where you are. Does it sound like a far-fetched idea? Absolutely Not! We, at Apptivo, created an all-in-one cloud platform from scratch with the only motive to bring your business operations online and reduce your work on redundant tasks. With Apptivo, you can bid farewell to the conventional method of bookkeeping and process management.

Now that we have established Apptivo as an all-in-one cloud suite, a number of questions might have arisen in your mind like,

How are the applications added?

Where do I find the applications?

Do I need to reach out to support to get an application?

Are each application billed separately?

Do I have to perform any installation?

This blog provides an answer to all these questions while discussing Apptivo’s exclusive App Store.

Apptivo Application Suite

Apptivo, as a business management system, gives more control to their valuable customers. It enables businesses to automatically choose their desired applications and have them added to their account with a single click. For this, our team of engineers has created an exclusive App Store that lets businesses select the applications suitable for their operations and add them. You need not reach out to our support team every time to have an application added. Also. there is no installation process. You can simply access the applications right from your account.

The billing in Apptivo works based on subscription. You can choose a plan and the apps available in the plan will be made accessible to you via the App Store. From the App Store, you can add the desired applications to your account. Apptivo does not practice billing based on applications. Instead, we offer you plans with a certain bundle of applications, you can choose the suitable plan, and from there, you can kickstart your online business management. For more information on our pricing chart, do not hesitate to check out our pricing page.

A Guide On Apptivo App Store

The App Store of Apptivo is carefully designed with the purpose to mirror your official business setup. Just like how your business workflow is a combination of several departments, the App Store of Apptivo is also categorized into various departments with the corresponding applications appended to it. The applications added to each category comprises all those features that are essential for the day-to-day management of a business. Right from Customer Relationship Management to Human Resources, Apptivo has got it all covered.

A Guide On Apptivo App Store

Product Management

The Product Management category of Apptivo consists of applications like Ideas, Requirements, Items, and Patents to effortlessly create, develop, manage, and improve your products or services.


With the Marketing applications, Apptivo allows you to create targets and launch campaigns. Additionally, you can create configurable pricing, generate tailor-made promotions, and maintain an exclusive database on customer testimonials. All of this is available in the Apptivo Marketing suite of applications.

Web Presence

The Web Presence section of Apptivo comprises the Answers app. By incorporating this application into your business, you can effectively engage with your customers, prospects, or employees and provide solutions to their queries. In short, it is an online knowledge base.


Apptivo CRM is the “to-go” application bundle for sales teams that requires a streamlined and engaging business process. The CRM category of Apptivo has all the applications that are required right from capturing a lead to converting them to a customer. Your complete sales strategy can be redefined with the Apptivo CRM solution.

Supply Chain

The Supply Chain of Apptivo envelops all the applications for an organized distribution management system. Apptivo not only has applications for customer transactions but also has applications that will record all supplier transactions. Once the transactions are documented, employees can track the shipments smoothly until they reach the customers’ doorsteps.


A systemized online billing system is possible with Apptivo’s bundle of applications reserved for finance departments. With these applications, businesses can create estimates, invoice customers, manage expenses, track insurances & licenses, collect payments, manage kit orders, and have the entire ledger online.

Project Management

Apptivo Project Management Software is all you need to create, track, and complete projects before the deadline. Furthermore, you can track the man-hours of your employees on a particular project or task using the Timesheets application available in the app bundle.


Create an interactive workspace with the highest level of transparency with Apptivo Collaboration. Apptivo allows you to connect and document all your customer interactions in a single, integrated solution. Here, you can add notes, schedule events, receive notifications, send emails, and generate reports.

Human Resources

The process of shortlisting candidates to hiring them as employees involves the management and reviewing of multiple paperwork. This task becomes less tedious if they are available in a single, automated system. Apptivo Human Resources simplifies your employee hiring process with its advanced tools.


Apptivo strives to grow with advancements in technology. The App Builder of Apptivo allows businesses to create new applications from scratch or mirror an existing application present in your account.

Customized Categories

Are you looking to create another App category for your business? The App Store of Apptivo empowers you to add new categories to the App Categories list and add your desired applications.

Final Thoughts

Though several Software Providers are offering these solutions, it is challenging to come across the right software that offers all these solutions in a single cloud platform. With Apptivo, you can replicate your business hierarchy online and get the maximum benefit even when you are away from your desk.

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