The most craved feature is now put on the market for the advancement of the Apptivo Windows App users. You can now enjoy the new jack-ups made to the Windows App. Have a sneak peek of the software by running your eyes through the report.

Download our latest version of Apptivo Windows App.

  • Implemented Estimates and Work Orders App
  • UI Enhancements
  • Two column section supported with responsive resize

More Apps…

We have implemented the Estimates and Work Orders App to the Apptivo Windows application. You can now enjoy having access to your estimates and work orders app in your windows devices.

Estimates – Apptivo Estimates App allows you to quote or provide a proposal for the products you sell or the services you render to your clients to take your business forward. Here, you are able to track sales opportunities and generate estimates.

Work Orders – Apptivo Work Orders (WO) application allows you to easily manage and dispatch resources to address customer problems on-site and providing a method for the employees to track the hours and products used to resolve it.

estimates and work orders

Consider the Estimates App. Clicking on it you can view the estimate records created in the web version, edit, and search for the estimate records. And you can also create new estimates by clicking on the “+” icon, which will also get reflected in the web.

create estimates

Besides creating, various action like Print PDF, Archive, Resend, and Void can be performed instantly.

estimates actions

UI Enhancements

The User Interface in the Apptivo Windows app has been upgraded significantly, giving you a more consistent experience throughout.

ui enhancement

Two Column section

We have changed the layout of the section in the creation pages. This will now be displayed as a two column section as shown in the below image:

two column section

Like these features? Then try experimenting these features and give your business a wider range. Stay tuned for much more updates.

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