Collaborate easily and do more
  • Plan for success
  • Track progress
  • Manage project scope

Apptivo – Your all in one Project Management, Time tracking and Invoicing solution

Collaborate easily

Collaborate with your co-workers and customers and improve productivity. Stay on top of things with tasks, to-dos, appointments, call logs or faxes and stay abreast with what is happening in your project with the newsfeed notification.

Manage work flexibly

Assign your work in a flexible manner that suits your business and organization. Create milestones or organize your activities into sub-projects as needed. Share documents and notes with your team.

Manage Project Scope

Ensure that your projects meet your long term product or business goals and at the same time satisfy pressing customer needs by managing project scope. Link the project scope to specific requirements in the Requirments App or cases in the Cases App.

Track Time

Track time of your employees, categorize billable and non-billable hours and get an online approvals of a timesheet either by the employee’s manager or customer’s manager.

Invoicing integration

Invoice for timesheets or projects flexibly based on your situation. Collect payments online with PayPal, Google checkout or saving time and money for yourself and your customer.

Ensure security

Leverage the pre-configured role based security or create custom roles so that employees have access to the appropriate features.

  • “KidsOutdoorClub website is powered by Apptivo and the Customers App is an integral part of our Customer Management efforts.” – Scott Wilkinson
    CEO, Kids Outdoor Club

  • “I cannot imagine how I conducted business before my new website from Apptivo.” – Ryan Bos
    Founder/President, New Horizon Real Estate Ventures

  • “The Loyalty Management App is a dynamic rewards tracking system that has allowed us to connect more closely with our customers.” – Jim Wendt
    Manager, Big Train Inc.

  • “I was recommended to use Apptivo and think it is a great hosting service with many free apps for small business”– Shakeel Darugar
    Manager, Comprehensive Glass Works


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