We are happy to update you with all the latest Apptivo updates, all the new implementations and enhancements are to enrich your experience and ease your day to day life. Let’s take a glance through the product updates as of May 18, 2019, in CRM, Financials, Supply Chain, and Collaboration.

Enhancements and Implementations

  • Triggers implemented for Bulk Actions
  • Enhanced Time-Based triggers
  • Financial approval flow
  • 360-Degree Association in Projects App
  • Multiple suppliers with the same contact
  • Print/Web layout in Shipping App
  • Restricting new case creation for Follow-up emails
  • Email template for activities


Triggers implemented for Bulk Actions:

We take the privilege of giving away the most awaited feature which is implemented in this release. You can find the triggers being executed as a result of Bulk action in all CRM Apps.


Enhanced Time-Based triggers:

A trigger is a trading rule that performs actions based on an event. Anything that signals an activity when an event occurs is a trigger event. Triggers allow you to perform automated actions like triggering an email or updating an attribute based on a particular criterion. This feature is available to add the Customized function attributes as well as the Custom Ref App fields while setting up the time-based triggers, which are the long-awaited feature enhanced in this release.

Time-Based Trigger

Financial approval flow:

Financial Approval flow is one of the elegant and straightforward features, supporting the business process. This allows complete collaboration and follow-through to make sure your finances are logged correctly and viewed by your manager. Financial Apps will enable you to create as many approvals flow as your need. Financial Approval flow is the remarkable feature implemented in the Invoices and the Estimates App.

Once an employee submits an invoice or estimates details, it goes through the approval flow. The criteria created in the Approval flow settings, filters which invoice/estimate an approver sees in his or her queue.

Financial Approval Flow

360-Degree Association in Projects App:

The 360-degree view tab in Apptivo allows you to view different objects that are associated with the current item. You can see the related data through the standard ref app in 360 tabs. Now we have provided an option to view the associated data of the Expense reports in 360 tabs of Projects App, which is a long-awaited feature deployed this time.

Project 360-degree association


Multiple suppliers with the same contact:

You can now associate the same contact with many suppliers. Allowing the same Contact information for many suppliers is one of the beneficial enhancements achieved in this deployment. In the contact information, you can find the recent supplier that has been associated.

Multiple Suppliers

Print/Web layout in Shipping App:

Another implementation moved live is the Print option in the Shipping App. Shipping App allows you to create custom templates which will be used to generate PDF versions of your shipments. By default, Shipment App has the delivery tracking information and the items that have to be shipped that can be printed in PDF format.

Print PDF in Shipping App


Restricting new case creation for Follow-up emails:

We are aware of the feature of logging cases from emails. You can find the reply and follow up emails collected under the email tab of the parent case instead of creating new cases. Restricting new cases being created from the follow-up emails is the enhanced feature built in this release.

Email to case

Email template for activities:

One of the predominant implementation made in the Activities is the Email Templates. The Email/Message Templates are predefined message formats that you can mail to your contacts. You can sketch an email template to make your email look standardized rather than conveying with a plain text. Customization of the Email Templates are available in the activities like Tasks, Events, Call Logs and Follow-Ups.

Email Template

Catch you shortly with the next set of our updates in Apptivo!
Till then, stay tuned for updates in our blogs and posts!


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