“To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often”. We are happy to present you the features implemented in Apptivo to enhance your experience with Apptivo. Take a quick ride through the blog to get an abridgment of the new deployment as on December 01, 2018.

Updates and Enhancements – December 01, 2018

  • Notifications and News Feed Tagging
  • Auto Association
  • Activities Mapping
  • Supported Date Attributes
  • Email Sequence
  • Status Creation during Import
  • Partially Paid Status – Invoices App
  • Line Level Export – Invoices App
  • Intelligence Reports in the Projects App
  • Filter for Property Stage in Properties App
  • Minimum Limit for UOM


Notifications and News Feed Tagging

In general, notifications increases engagement by giving the customers or users an easy way to interact with your application. And in that way, Apptivo delivers you with a notification as a result of analyzing your background actions in the form of Bell Notifications.

view bell notifications

Want to know how to enable the Bell to ring at any notification, please visit the help link on What are Bell Notifications in Apptivo for a complete set of steps.

Auto Association

Apptivo presents you with an option to associate the attributes of all the apps in the Apptivo with the Collaboration Activities. While creating activities, you might be familiar with the process of the customer being associated with activities automatically. This feature of Collaboration Auto-Association is an enhancement to all the Apptivo Apps that allows you to auto-associate the activities not only to the customer but also to the Sales Rep associated with the respective customer. This allows you to assign the activities at a single stretch to the concerned customers and the Sales Rep.

activities auto association

Please refer the help link on How to Auto-Associate Sales Rep with Activities to get a sequence of steps to auto-associate the Sales Rep.

Activities Mapping

The Apptivo had made a nip here and a tuck there to lessen the work of creating activities. Have you ever thought that it was a redundant work to enter the Customer details once again while creating activities? If you were expecting a feature to overcome it, here is a factor to facilitate your need.

You can map the fields of all the Apptivo Apps to the fields in the activities that it gets auto-populated in the activity creation fields.

map activities fields

To clarify your doubts, just click on the link to know How to map and set pre-defined values while Creating Activities.

Supported Date Attributes

The highlighting feature allows you to identify the main objects, enabling the events to be highlighted with defined colors based on your criteria. This configuration contains background color, text color, and the priority score to view your Tasks, Call logs, Events, and Follow-Ups. This feature is now compatible with the Date Attributes too.

date attributes

Click on the below links to know more about How to highlight Events and Tasks in Apptivo.


Email Sequence

Email is reliably the most referred one in driving a business’ revenue and emails you send out should tempt your customer to take action, having an immediate impact. Having this process of sending emails on autopilot, will for definitely save you a lot of time!

Email sequences are automated, using which you can send a series of targeted, timed emails to nurture a prospect over time. And following up regularly with emails, you eventually have a high probability of converting your prospects to customers over time.

email sequence creation

Pay a visit to the Email Sequence help page to get a detailed overview of it.

Status Creation during Import

Apptivo CRM allows you to import your Contacts into Contacts App in CSV format. At a time you can import 5000 records. This minimizes the manual effort of entering the data. Also, the duplicate contacts can be filtered from entering. In case of mandatory fields not having values, they are added and then imported so far, but now they can be added to exceptions.

The add-on gives you an option that if error records are added to exceptions, they will be ignored and available for download later. Besides the mandatory fields, if there are new values for an attribute that will also be flagged in the same manner.

status creation during import

Take a look on How to Import Contacts from CSV File to gain more details about it.


Partially Paid Status – Invoices App

The Status of the Invoice gives us information about the position of that Invoice. Using this information one can easily find and categorize the invoices based on their status. Partially paid invoices should not be considered as Paid Invoices instead they are to be categorized under Partially Paid Invoices which is a new tweak to this release.

partially paid invoice status

Pay a visit to the Apptivo help links to know more about setting a status for the Invoices.

Line Level Export – Invoices App

The Invoice App is now featuring the attribute that you can export the Line levels in the Invoice App in .xls form. This newly launched feature has a constraint that it can be exported only if All Fields are selected and not for the current view of the screen. The export of the Invoices Line level is possible in both the Reports in the Invoice App or via the Bulk Actions.

Once the line levels in the app are exported as .xls sheets you can get the exported format of the app including all the line level fields.

exported line level in invoices

Please visit the page for more detailed stepwise instructions on How to Export Invoices Line Levels.

Intelligence Reports in the Projects App

Besides the various standard dashboards and reports provided by default, Apptivo now provides you with the ability to visualize and analyze your data using custom dashboards. The dashboard gives you a deeper analytics of your most crucial information (business processes and performance) in the form of graphs and charts.

Apptivo Intelligence Dashboards enables you to present your business information, gaining a new perspective, and share it with employees and teams. You can create such dashboards using custom reports and charts. The Intelligence Dashboards are available in the following apps – Opportunities, Customers, Cases, and now in Projects App too.

view opp dashboard

Please check out the reference link on How to Configure Intelligence Dashboards in Apptivo to create your own Intelligent Dashboard.

Filter for Property Stage in Properties App

Have you ever thought of filtering the Associated Opportunities in the Properties App based on the Property Stage? If so, then this is your day!!!

We have added the filter option for the Property Stage field on the Associated Opportunities in the Properties App. This allows you to filter the Properties based on their Property stage.

filter for property stage

Supply Chain

Minimum Limit for UOM

As you all know, either the Standard or Configurable value (classes and choices) can be set for the items you select. And this value can be changed based on the UOM category. This value UOM value entered in the Items App can later be changed according to your business requirements, while in the Estimates/Invoices App.

Now this UOM value can be given a minimum range beyond which the value cannot be minimized. You can define the minimum limit for UOM.

minimum base uom limit

You can learn more about the same by clicking on How to set the minimum value for UOM in Apptivo.

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