We are back with the monthly product updates! Software optimization can be achieved only when all characteristics of a product are taken into consideration. This includes user navigation, performance tracking, data retrieval, time-saving, and data portability. Along with this, the software should meet the business purpose and become a significant channel of your business. The latest update covers all these attributes to provide an extraordinary user experience with the inclusion of new features.

Updates and Enhancements

  • Triggers in Employees App
  • Custom Conversion in Custom Apps
  • Import in Custom Apps
  • Sequential Order in Custom Conversion
  • Customizable Message for Call Recordings

Triggers in Employees App

The Triggers feature of Apptivo has been a great tool to automate workflows and manage the operations like never before. With triggers, you can generate the intended action automatically based on the configured condition. This Triggers feature is now supported in the Employees App of Apptivo. We have two types of triggers – Event Based and Time Based. Event Based triggers work based on the event taken place. Time Based triggers can be configured to be one time or recurring. In both types, an action occurs only when the employee record meets the criteria configured in the triggers. As an action, you can send an email, update an attribute, call a Webhook URL, update associated reference app attribute, or create activities. Read more.


Custom Conversion in Custom Apps

Apptivo is a cloud suite of 60+ applications and the transfer of records among applications has become simplified and organized with the Conversion feature. The Conversion feature is now supported in the Custom apps of Apptivo. The users would be able to build custom apps using the App Builder. The Custom Conversion enables users to map a particular field from the source app to the destination app. Hence, while converting a record from the source app, the data mapping becomes seamless between the Custom app and the destination app. You can also configure to convert a single record multiple times using the Allow Conversion Multiple Times toggle. Read more.

Custom Conversion

Import in Custom Apps

The App Builder of Apptivo helps to build new applications within Apptivo. You can build a new app from scratch or create an extension of a current application. The Import feature of Apptivo is now available in the Custom apps. You can import the data in CSV format. Also, you can choose to create new records or update the existing records. The Grouping Attribute enables you to group the line-level attributes. Import is a simple four-step process where more significance is given to data validation. You can map the values present in your CSV file with the fields listed in the Custom app. Read more.


Sequential Order in Custom Conversion

The Custom Conversion of Apptivo enables converting records from one app to another with the desired values. The Mapping option ensures instant linking of fields in the source app with the destination app. This update has further enhanced Custom Conversion by introducing the Sequential Order option. With this, you can easily convert records to multiple apps from the overview page itself. You can also determine the order in which the records are converted. Without switching between multiple applications, you can perform the complete conversion flow just from the overview page of a record. Read more.

Sequential Order

Customizable Message for Call Recordings

The Contact Center App of Apptivo is a great asset for efficient customer relationship management. While this app offers both calling and messaging facilities, you can also perform other actions like Call Transfer, Call Recording, and Call Conferencing. This update allows you to customize the message conveyed to the callers before starting the call recording. You can easily inform your callers that the call is being recorded during incoming and outgoing calls. This applies only when the Default Call Recording option is enabled in your account. Read more.

Call Recording

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