Welcome back to the feature update blog of Apptivo. In this feature release, we have enhanced some interesting features which make your business productive. Now you have the ability to customize the calculation of item tax and discount for each item/service on the overview page. By using this feature, you can view the line level tax and discount of each item/service on the estimates overview page. Another intriguing feature is that App Naming is available in the Orders app. C’mon, let’s have a sneak peek at how they work!

  • Line Level Tax Calculation for Items/Service
  • App Naming in Orders app
  • Line Level Discount Calculation for Items/Service

Line Level Tax Calculation for Items/Services:

Sometimes, it might be necessary to get a view of the tax of each and every item/service in the estimates. Since we always care about our customers, we’ve introduced an attribute to calculate the line level tax of the item/service on the overview page of estimates. You can customize this feature through the master layout. Through this, you can calculate tax for each line level item/service in the form of the amount as per the given tax. Read More

Item and Service Tax


App Naming in the Orders App

App Naming is the feature that is available in most apps so that the customers could rename the application as per their business preferences. Now, Apptivo has enhanced that feature by providing the app naming in the Orders app. We thought that having the app naming feature is quite useful for the customers to have the ability to change the app name and replace it with their own preferable names. Read More

App Naming


Line Level Discount calculation for Items/Services:

Now the discounts that are applied to each and every item are available on the Overview page of the estimates with their respective calculated amount. You do not need to add the same discount for different items/services. By selecting the “At Estimate Line”, the line level discounts of items/services will be displayed on the overview page with their respective amount. You can customize this feature by using the master layout and the discount will be calculated for each item/service separately. Read More

Item and Service Discount


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