Let’s begin the month of May with the newest product updates of Apptivo. We are happy to announce the below-listed distinct features will ensure smooth navigation, controlled access, customizable views, and enhanced transparency. This brand new update of Apptivo will definitely elevate the user experience.

Updates and Enhancements

  • Portal Access Level in Cases App
  • Multi-Select Attributes in Reports
  • New Feature in Advanced Search
  • Table View in Notes
  • Counter Attribute in Projects App and Estimates App
  • Round Off Currency Values
  • Source Identifier for Support Tickets
  • Function Attributes as Criteria in Triggers
  • Custom Apps Conversion

Portal Access Level in Cases App

Cases App of Apptivo allows users to authorize their customers to create and manage support tickets through an external portal. This ensures direct communication between the users and the customers. However, it is vital to set role-based permissions to ensure data privacy in the customer portal. The Portal Access Level introduced in the Cases App to control how the clients can view and manage their cases in the portal. Additionally, with the Parent Customer’s Visibility toggle, you can determine whether a parent customer can manage the cases of a child customer.

Portal Access Level

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Multi-Select Attributes in Reports

Associated Object Reports empower users to gather data from two subsequent apps without any hassle. Users don’t have to create separate reports in each App and combine the data manually. Instead, you can quickly and neatly configure the Associated Object Reports with the data you need from the desired applications. The newest update of Apptivo permits users to multi-select the values of attributes while generating a report. For example, you can get a report on two different statuses in a single report in the Contacts App.

Associated Object Report

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New Feature in Advanced Search

Advanced Search feature of Apptivo is an engaging function designed to narrow down your search. With the Advanced Search feature, you can easily group the records based on a single or multiple attributes as your search criteria. The latest update permits you to search the records according to a particular range in the Number, Date, and Currency fields. For example, when you want to locate a record whose customer ID falls within a number range, you can use this feature to find the record.

Number Range in Advanced Search

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Table View in Notes

Notes is a widely used function to update the changes related to the records. This Notes activity by default is shown in a ListView, with the latest update, you can view the Notes activity in a Table View. Table View helps when the notes have to be viewed with user-specific information. Also, you can perform Bulk Actions in the table view. Single action on multiple records can be carried out effortlessly.

Table View in Notes App

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Counter Attribute in Projects and Estimates App

The Counter attribute is one of the most-asked functionalities by many businesses. This feature is now extended to the Projects App and Estimates App of Apptivo. Projects App is an efficacious tool to manage all the projects of the business. You can make use of its distinct features to add milestones, generate Gantt Charts, and perform quick actions. Estimates App, on the other hand, lets you handle your estimates brilliantly. With the introduction of Counter Attribute, you can now auto-generate numbers for different business purposes. You can also customize the Counter attribute from its Inspector tab in the Master Layout.

Counter Attributes

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Round Off Currency Values

This feature allows you to round off your values to the nearest tens, hundreds, or thousands. In certain instances, businesses prefer rounding off the amount to the nearest value. This can be carried out easily from Apptivo. This support is extended to Number and Currency attributes. The rounding off feature can be configured from the Inspector Tab of the respective attributes in the Master Layout of any app in Apptivo.

Round Off Mode

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Source Identifier for Support Tickets

In order to prevent customers from going through tedious steps to report an issue or ask for a service, Apptivo’s Cases App enables your customers to log onto an external portal and create a support ticket. The customer can also track the tickets effectively from his/her login portal. Simultaneously, the users can also work on the tickets from the Apptivo Cases App. This update empowers your team to know if the Case Source is from Portal. So, whenever a new case is created by a customer, it will be marked as Portal by default unless changed manually.

Source Identifier

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Function Attributes as Criteria in Triggers

The function attribute in the Master Layout allows you to perform basic and advanced mathematical operations on your records. Users can perform mathematical operations with other fields and any mathematical operators. This function field can be used in the Criteria section of both Event-Based and Time-Based triggers. So, when the function attribute criteria match in the records, a trigger will be generated instantaneously.

Function Attributes

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Custom Apps Conversion

Business is a collective representation of various departments. Apptivo has multiple applications to handle different departments of your businesses easily. If needed, you can create your own Custom App or duplicate an existing application as Extended Apps with App Builder. The records created in the newly created Apps can be converted effectively to any other Apps of Apptivo. Using the mapping facility, you can quickly map only the required attributes to any other app. This ensures that the selective values are alone moved by removing any kinds of redundancy.

Custom Conversion

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Our vision has always been to deliver a hassle-free user experience that accommodates different businesses.

Stay tuned for more updates in Apptivo from our blogs and answers.

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