Hello! We are ready with the next announcement of our Apptivo’s newest Product Updates for the month of June. Remarkably, we have launched a number of new applications including the All-new Sales Returns App and E-Commerce Portal. In addition, we have also added some exciting updates to our existing applications.

Updates and Enhancements

  • All-new Sales Returns App
  • Apptivo’s E-Commerce Portal
  • 360 Degree Association
  • Extended Summary Boxes
  • Triggers for the Address field
  • Improvised Custom View

All-new Sales Returns App

The Sales Returns App is introduced to the suite of Apptivo Apps. With it, you can effectively manage and track the products that are returned by your customers. It will help you to create a sales return for your Canceled Orders of Items, Shipped but Canceled Orders, and any other Canceled Invoices that can be added and tracked. The canceled orders can be recorded with the returning warehouse details and additionally it allows you to back-track the inventory.
Click Here for more details.

Apptivo’s E-Commerce Portal

Apptivo has introduced a new E-Commerce platform for Online shopping experience. E-Commerce is a result of the synchronization of digital technology with business processes and commercial transactions. Now, with the Apptivo’s E-Commerce portal, you can generate your own E-Commerce portal and configure them with the Apptivo’s Items, Orders, and Shipping app and onboard your customers for online shopping like any other E-Commerce websites. Nowadays the business development through E-Commerce has become the primary and the basic aspirations for the businesses. Especially with the E-Commerce portal, you can create direct contact between the company and the consumer, which will enhance business relationships. You can manage all the Apptivo’s E-Commerce Portal functions like adding Items, categories and tracking inventories, managing orders, shipments, payments with Paypal, Credit card, Debit Card, COD Options and everything can be managed within the Apptivo apps. For more information about to configure the eCommerce portal Click Here.

360 Degree Association

360 Degree Association is introduced in the Reference app attribute. With that, you can easily enable/disable the toggle to make that app visible in the 360-degree view tabs. The 360-degree view of Apptivo is mainly used to view the association between the two records that are associated with the current record. You can associate the data of Custom and the Standard ref app in a 360-degree tab. Click Here to know how to associate the 360-degree view in Ref app attributes.

Extended Summary Boxes

We have maximized the count of the Summary box in this new update. In the View builder, you can add the Summary Boxes to get the customized views by a set of objects or fields under specific criteria. You can add the summary of Count, Sum, and the Average of the data based on the conditions as per your business need. Now, you can add Maximum 6 boxes in one view. In addition, you can add this summary boxes in the Standard and the Custom views. Click Here to know how to create a Summary Box.

Triggers for the Address field

Triggers are updated to support the Address Fields. Now, you can create and set the Triggers based on the Address fields to automate the actions like sending an email or updating an attribute based on particular criteria. If you want to send a mail based on the selection of city in the Address information, you can set conditions based on the City and automate the mail as per your preferences by using the Triggers. Click Here to know how to set the Triggers for Address fields.

Improvised Custom View

The custom view is enhanced with the employee ref app attribute to get the perfect customized view based on the logged-in user’s records. You can also set the Custom view as the Default view of the home page. For example: In the Leads app, if you want to customize the view of the leads that are created only by the Logged in user, that can be customized and set that as the Default view. Click Here to know more about creating a custom view with a custom added ref attribute.

Our vision has always been to remit a hassle-free user experience that supports different businesses.

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