Hi Everyone! Welcome back to the next set of updates in Apptivo as of August 17, 2019.

Implementations and Enhancements

  • Auto-capture ISD code
  • Scheduling Recurring Invoice
  • Custom Table Section Export
  • Gantt Chart Dashboard
  • Multi-currency support while import in Items app
  • Disable Customer Portal Login


Auto-capture ISD code

You can automatically get the ISD code populated in the phone number field based on the country in the default address type. This can be configured for the standard phone number fields in all CRM apps.

ISD Code

Financials and Project Management

Scheduling Recurring Invoice

The “Recurring Time” option of the recurring invoice in the Invoices app allows you to generate invoices in a specific time(along with your time zone). Based on the recurring time, a recurring invoice will be generated to the customer every day, week, month or year.

Scheduling recurring invoice

Custom Table Section Export

The Export feature in the Apptivo Financials App allows you to export the records and take a backup of all data into a spreadsheet (in CSV and XLS format), in just a few simple steps. The Apptivo Financials apps that allow custom table export are Invoices, Orders, and Estimates.

customer contact association

Gantt Chart Dashboard

Gantt Chart dashboard allows you to view the entire project and their milestone and task on a single page. You can now view the Project Gantt charts listed in the dashboard. You can customize the visibility of this dashboard in the Project settings.

Gantt Chart

Supply Chain

Multi-currency support while import in Items app

When we import the items, you will be allowed to import the item’s price and the currency code. Import can be done only when the Allow override toggle is enabled in the master layout of the Items app.



Disable Customer Portal Login

You can disable the Customer Portal Login through the Xinnect App. Disabling the customer portal login can be made just by a push of the “Disable Login” button.

Disable Login

Stay tuned for the updates in Apptivo from blogs and answers.


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