Apptivo has released the latest product updates for its web application. By giving importance to the most minute details, an optimized user experience is guaranteed with the latest release. In this update, more focus is given to the easy transfer of information across various applications within Apptivo and simplified retrieval of the required information.

Updates and Enhancements

  • Voicemail in Contact Center App
  • Round Robin in Contact Center App
  • Dynamic Sender for Campaigns
  • Added Cases App to Associated Object Reports of Notes
  • Beneficial Filters for Intelligence Dashboards
  • Summary Boxes in Leads App
  • Easy Identification of Emails
  • Fiscal Year based on Accounting Calendar in Opportunities App
  • Default Call Type for All Apps
  • Retain Default Sales Stage in Opportunities App
  • Addition of Loss Reason in Opportunities
  • Smart Export of Opportunity Loss Reason

Voicemail in Contact Center App

Have an in-house receptionist to record all the Client queries without any obstacle in the form of Voicemail! Every Client is an important resource. You might lose business if your clients are unable to reach you. It annoys them when they are unable to contact you when needed. The Voice Mail facility of Contact Center App acts as a relief when they are unable to reach you. Additionally, the personalized Voicemail dashboard automatically displays the client information along with the call recording. Simply click on the Call button in the dashboard to follow up with the Client.


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Round Robin in Contact Center App

Round Robin method is mostly preferred by Call Centers to organize the call flow. The sequential transfer of calls with pre-configured settings is made possible with the Contact Center App of Apptivo. With the latest update, the Round Robin technique is added to the Call Handling Rules. Businesses want to provide the best service to their customers. So, it is a well-known fact that businesses want their best agents to answer the calls. With Round Robin, you can set priority for the agents and have the best service delivered to your customers.

Round Robin

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Dynamic Sender for Campaigns

Campaigns become more successful if they are tailor-made. Campaigns are meant for different targets like Customers, Contacts, Leads, and many more. In these cases, it will be more apt if the sender is someone whom the customers are more familiar with. This update of Apptivo allows you to configure the sender’s email address. If the campaign is for a customer, then you can add the sender as the Sales Rep to whom the customer is assigned. Similarly, the concerned Employee’s email address can be added as the sender for different targets.


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Added Cases App to Associated Object Reports of Notes

Cases App of Apptivo is a brilliant resource to keep track of all customer interactions. With the Cases App, you can ensure that the concerns of customers are addressed. However, certain concerns involve multiple processes. To record all the actions taken, you can make use of the Notes Activity. With the latest product update, you can create a report linking the Cases App and Notes activity. You can generate a precise report with the required attributes collectively from both the Apps. The report also has filters added to generate reports with utmost accuracy.

Associated Object Reports

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Beneficial Filters for Intelligence Dashboards

Opportunities App of Apptivo has an Intelligence dashboard that provides real-time information on the performance of your Opportunities. With this dashboard, you can view the narrowed down analysis of the Opportunities. View Builder is used for configuring the dashboard view. With the latest update, you can now view the dashboards based on the filter attributes added in the View Builder for the dashboards. Only those Opportunities that match the filter criteria will be included in the Opportunity Analysis. Additionally, you can also further narrow down your analysis by setting the fiscal year based on which the Opportunities are to be analyzed.

Intelligence Dashboard

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Summary Boxes in Leads App

Customizing what you view has become more comfortable with the addition of Summary Boxes in Apptivo. Summary Boxes help you to customize the views with the additional field to get clear views about the data present. You can set the criteria and based on the criteria, your records will be filtered. The Summary box provides a count, sum, or average on the added data. With this, you can prevent additional work and get the data automatically. This summary box is applicable to both standard and custom fields.

Summary Boxes

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Easy Identification of Emails

Collaboration Activities of Apptivo is a well-resorted feature of different businesses. The smart design with easy navigation has always ensured quick access to information. The Follow Ups activity of Apptivo enables you to create follow-ups for multiple activities associated with different Apps of Apptivo. You can also associate the emails that require follow-ups. While selecting an email that requires follow up, you can easily distinguish between the emails belonging to Inbox and Sent box with the unique icons provided.


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Fiscal Year based on Accounting Calendar in Opportunities App

Businesses have different fiscal years due to various reasons. It is mostly due to seasonal changes and to reduce the negative impacts of business. Businesses prefer ending their business on a higher note. Hence, they opt for different fiscal years. Creating custom calendars is made possible with the Ledger App of Apptivo. You can now have a detailed view of the Intelligence dashboard of Opportunities App with the help of a fiscal year filter. With this filter, you can generate a report based on a particular year, quarterly, or month customized in the Ledger App.

Accounting Calendar

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Default Call Type for All Apps

Having a single configuration across all applications of Apptivo is definitely a game-changer. Call Logs is one of the commonly used Activities of Apptivo allowing you to record data related to all calls. Moreover, the ability to log calls in related records ensures easy tracking. You can now configure the default call type in Call Logs’ Master Layout and have that reflected while logging calls in other Apps of Apptivo. If your business mostly involves handling Incoming calls, you can simply set the call type as Incoming and save time while logging calls.

Call Logs

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Retain Default Sales Stage in Opportunities App

Leads are converted to Opportunities when there is a scope of becoming a customer. Instead of creating a new opportunity and adding the same lead information as an Opportunity, you can make use of the Conversion feature to get the data added instantly. With the latest update, you can set default values for the Sales Stage and have the same value when converting a Lead into an Opportunity. This ensures that all the Opportunities in the Opportunities App are created with a default Sales Stage. With this, you can stay relaxed as the Opportunities will be created with the Sales Stage decided by you.

Default Sales Stage

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Addition of Loss Reason in Opportunities

Getting to know why an Opportunity was lost is as important as converting an Opportunity into a customer. When an Opportunity is lost, it is important to analyze the reasons behind it. This helps businesses to understand what kind of opportunity is lost and why it is lost. By doing so, you can improve your business in those sectors where attention is required. With the latest update in Opportunities App, a dedicated section is added to record the lost reason. Along with that, you can also feed the competitor information and assign the Additional Details as a mandatory field. When a similar opportunity appears, you would have the solution to win over it.

View Loss Reason

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Smart Export of Opportunity Loss Reason

Businesses tend to use different platforms for different purposes. Hence, it is important to have access to all the data across all platforms. Businesses prefer the Export feature for easy portability of information. Comprehending the benefits of loss reason in an Opportunity, Opportunities App of Apptivo allows you to export the Opportunity information along with the loss reason. You can export multiple Opportunities at a time using Bulk Actions. With this, you can keep track of the Opportunities along with the loss reasons efficiently.

Export Loss Reason

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Our efforts have always been to provide a smooth user experience that accommodates different businesses.

Stay tuned for more updates in Apptivo from our blogs and answers.

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