Apptivo – Omnichannel Cloud Solution to Boost Your Business

For modern businesses, omnichannel is an important way through which they can meet the expectations of their customers. Omnichannel has become a huge part of a company’s customer service as it helps them in integrating all the communication channels to interact with their customers so that they deliver a seamless experience. It allows the customers to reach out to the customer service of a company through the channel of their preference without going through any hassling process of heading out to entirely different departments when moving from one platform to another.

To unify the back-end systems into a centralized hub of information as well as making it to act as the integrated contact location for customers, omnichannel is necessary. It also allows businesses to collect customer information into a single place and use it for providing better experiences to them. With Apptivo, you get an omnichannel Cloud solution for all your business needs that allows you to deliver absolute comfort to your customers while helping you in boosting your business. Let’s see how Apptivo boosts your business as an omnichannel cloud solution.

Unifying Emails

Email marketing is a major part of sales for most businesses and when it comes to contacting through emails, companies find it difficult to contact their customers over a variety of emails as well as in receiving response emails from them. But with Apptivo, you get access to the Email Marketing application that allows you to integrate your email client into your CRM as well as reach out to your customer emails from the same. It also gives you access to detailed reports based on your interaction with the customers.

Integrated Calls & Text Messages

Do your customers prefer calls to emails? Apptivo has got you covered. With Apptivo’s Integrated Cloud Contact Center, you can interact with your customers via calls or text messages from any device. It helps you in easily managing your phone calls and text messages as well as provides options like IVR and Call Queues allowing you to effectively route customer calls to your reps.

Integrated HelpDesk

Dealing with outdated customer information is often bad for companies as it leads to bad customer experiences. In this situation, Apptivo provides you with integrated Help Desk Software in its CRM system that allows the customers to interact with your support executives and collaborate with them resulting in the delivery of top-notch support to your customers. It also features an automated ticketing system as well as SLA management on the devices of your choice, giving you independent control over your customer support.

Efficient Project Management

Creating & managing projects and tracking them in real-time is a huge task for a lot of companies. It needs effective planning and collaboration in a team for a project to be successful. Apptivo gives you the right what you want and that is Apptivo’s Project Management application that lets you manage your project tasks easily, track records and logs, customize your projects, and create billings for the projects. All these features are available on the cloud in Apptivo’s integrated suite of apps that gives you unlimited access to the services whenever you want.

Supply Chain Solution

There are times when managers are out of their office and they urgently need to see the status of their delivery order but being remote from their office how can they do this. With Apptivo, they can. Apptivo’s integrated CRM also comes with an effective Distribution & Supply Chain Management system that allows you to easily access your work orders, create deliveries, and manage inventory. All of these on the go, when you aren’t even close to your office.

Invoicing & Quoting

If checking order status on the go can be a concern, then making invoices can be a concern too. But when using Apptivo, you don’t have to be bothered about working remotely and handling your business. Apptivo Invoices application lets you easily create professional invoices and proposals on the move right from your mobile device. It also allows customization and has several other features such as creating reports and updating records.

With all of these applications available in a single platform that is based on the Cloud, Apptivo gives you a great experience enabling you to deliver exceptional customer service. Apart from these, Apptivo’s integrated CRM also features the eCommerce application that lets you build your online stores and assist your customers in shopping online. It enables you to keep track of your online store at your fingertips including the management of products and inventory. Apptivo’s eSignature application lets you digitize your signing process and execute paperless activities. It allows you to create and change the signatures in different documents as well as store signatures for use on the go.

All of Apptivo’s applications come with the integrated CRM Software that is completely comprehensive, cloud, mobile for easy access. It allows you to have control over any application inside a single software on any mobile device of your choice. Conclusively giving you and your customers a truly omnichannel experience and helps boost your business in every way possible. Hence, with Apptivo, initiate your journey to success now.


Omnichannel allows your business to connect with your customers instantly and engage with them in a better way. It does so by providing your customers with a wide variety of communication channels to connect with you. It helps your business too as being omnichannel doesn’t require you to have individual departments with separate teams dedicated to a single channel of communication as you can have a unified team working with a streamlined flow of customer data rather than dealing with siloes. Hence, with Apptivo, get your sales upgraded and boost your business.

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