Glad to meet you all with the fresh set of release updates and feature enhancements made to the Apptivo Mac App, deployed in the September 18, 2018 release. Find below a brief description of the various features and updates:

  • Counter Attribute in Opportunities App
  • Number Maximum Range
  • Email Templates with Attachments
  • Email Signature
  • RTE Support
  • Access Privilege in Contacts App
  • Auto Copy Email
  • Add New Restriction
  • UI Enhancements

Download our latest version of Apptivo Mac App.

Counter Attribute in Opportunities App

In this release, we have included the feature of Counter Attribute in the Opportunities App. This feature of Counter Attribute gives you the ability to prefix your opportunities with custom unique numbers. This unique number helps you to easily identify the opportunities and also retrieve them instantly when needed. (Note: Counter Attribute should be configured from the web version only)

Kindly check our online documentation on How to Configure Counter Attribute in the Opportunities App for a complete list of steps. Now, when creating an opportunity, you can now view the counter attribute in your Mac OS as below:

counter attribute in mac os

Number Maximum Range

The Maximum Range field in the Number attribute is where you can set and define the maximum number range that can be entered in that number field. (Note: This Maximum Range for numbers should be configured in the web version, which will get reflected in your Mac OS)

For instance: Consider the Opportunities App. In a lot of cases, the Probability value cannot be greater than 100. To do so, go to Opportunities App Settings -> Customize App -> Master Layout -> click on the Probability field -> enter the Maximum Range as 100 under the Standard Behavior section of the Inspector tab. Save the changes.

set maximum range mac os

Now in your Mac device, on entering a value greater than 100 in the Probability field, you will be notified with an error pop up as shown in the below image:

maximum range in mac os

Email Templates with Attachments

Email Templates isn’t something new in our Apptivo Mac App. The enhancement made is that it will now support the Attachments feature in the Email Templates. Create email templates with attachments from the web version and on selecting that template when sending emails from the Apptivo Mac App, the attachment added will automatically be populated.

For instance: Consider the Leads App. To add an attachment to a template, go to the web version Leads App Settings -> Email -> Email Templates -> create or select an existing template -> and add an attachment.

add attachment

Now on composing a new email from your Mac device, and selecting the above-configured email template, you can view the attachment being added automatically to the mail you send.

view email attachment mac os

Email Signature

One significant release in this update is the addition of the Email Signatures to emails. An email signature will be inserted automatically to every email you send out from your Mac Apptivo App. (Note: You need to configure the email signature from the web version)

You can view the configured email signature in every email you send out as shown in the image below:

view email signature mac os

RTE Support

In this Mac update, we have enabled the RTE (Rich Text Editor) support in all the apps, enhancing the look and feel of the text editor. So far, on selecting the templates when sending out emails, the template contents with images will be disarrayed and with no images being fetched. We have now worked on it which pulls in the template contents as such. And to be fair, this offers you a great experience. You can now have the texts and images in the way you want it to be.

Access Privilege in Contacts App

This feature of Access Privilege in the Contacts App, gives you the ability to restrict the access privilege of your contacts in the Contacts App to All or assigned Employees. With this feature, you can allow certain employees/users to access and view your business contacts. Consider the Super users’ account, where there are only five contacts assigned to the employee (William Ethan).

contacts assigned

Now on setting the Access Privilege to Employees, the employee William Ethan will be able to see only those five contact records in his login. (Note: Access level security configuration should be done in the web version)

contacts restricted mac os

Auto Copy Email

This new feature of Auto Copy Email, allows you to automatically copy yourself when sending emails, and have a backup of all the outgoing emails. On enabling the Auto Copy Email option from your Business Settings, your logged in email id will automatically be added in the “cc” field, when composing a new email in Apptivo. This feature applies to both the homepage emails and other apps’ email tab.

auto copy email mac os

Add New Restriction

You can now restrict the creation of new objects from an app, at run-time. Consider the Opportunities App, where you can associate existing customers or create new customers from the opportunity creation page (by clicking on “+” icon), as shown in the below image:

customer creation mac os

In order to restrict the creation of new customers from the Opportunities App, Check this link to customize the creation of a new object record. (Note: All configurations should be done in the web version only)

Once disabled the Add New option, you cannot view the Create “+” icon next to the Customer field in your Mac device.

no customer creation mac os

UI Enhancements

We have enriched the UI of our Apptivo Mac App to look more user-friendly and appealing. We have done a couple of enhancements to the UI.

  • Menu Slider – We have added the Menu Slider icon to the top left corner of the app screen, which gives you the ability to Expand or Shrink the left menu.
    open slider mac os

    Now clicking on the slider will shrink the left menu as shown in the image below:

    close slider mac os
  • Collaboration Icons – We have given unique icons to represent each of the collaboration activity found in the Overview page of the objects.
    collaboration icons mac os

We would love to hear your suggestions on the new features rolled out. Give us a try, check every feature which is released, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at, if you have any words or suggestions or feature requests on your behalf. We really appreciate your feedback!

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