Hello! We have released yet another new version of Android Unified App on August 31, 2018. With our team working on the next major release of the Android version, this update contains performance and stability fixes, a few bug fixes, as well as a significant new feature.

Apptivo Android Unified App – V6.0.6

  • App Renaming

Download our latest version of Apptivo Android Unified App.

App Renaming

A cool update in this release is that you can rename the following apps to your choice – Cases, Contacts, Customers, Leads, Opportunities, Estimates, and Invoices. (Note: All customizations should be done in the web version only)

For instance: Consider the Estimates App. Kindly check the help link below on How to Customize the Estimates App Name in Apptivo for a complete list of steps.
You can view the renamed app name (the name entered in App Name field) in your Android device as shown. The App Name can be seen in the following places:

  • Under the Category
    android app renamed in category
  • Search/Advanced Search
    android app renamed in search
  • Associated Apps (for instance: Invoices 360 degree view)
    android app renamed in association

The Singular Field Name will get reflected in the following places:

  • Create icon
    android app renamed in create icon
  • Create and Edit pages
    android app renamed in creation
  • Conversion (when converting from other apps to estimate)
    android app renamed in conversion

The Plural Field Name will get reflected in the following places:

  • When No records found
    android app renamed in no records

Download our latest version of Apptivo Android Unified App.

We would love to hear your suggestions on the new features rolled out. Give us a try, check every feature which is released, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at support@apptivo.com, if you have any words or suggestions or feature requests on your behalf. We really appreciate your feedback!

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