This November, Apptivo has released significant updates for its Android platform. We are ecstatic to reveal the latest features of our All-In-One application. Let us take a tour of the features!

Apptivo All-In-One Android App Updates – V 6.0.17 – 6.0.23

  • Properties App for Android
  • Property Information in Opportunities App
  • Calendar View in My Agenda
  • Creation of Invoices from Timesheets in Invoice App
  • Archived Section in Emails App
  • Recipient Customization for Emails in Opportunities App
  • Security Access Level
  • Multiple Conversion Restrictions
  • Custom View in Work Orders and Purchase Orders
  • In-Person sign

Properties App in Android

Our aim has always been to save the time and work of our users. Adding another feather to our cap, Apptivo has introduced Properties application to our Android Platform. Properties app has always been valuable for Real Estate businesses as it helps the seller to document the information related to the buyer.

  • Properties App allows you to create records of properties and maintain them.
  • You can also create follow-ups for a particular property.

Property App

Property Information in Opportunities App

Apptivo enhances your experience by linking the property information with the Opportunities app.

  • Log into the Android platform → Navigate to the Opportunities app and click Show All.

Show All

  • When you open a particular record, you can see the property information from the Historical tab.

Property Information

Calendar View in My Agenda

We are pleased to inform that Apptivo has introduced the Calendar view for My Agenda. You can now view your schedule effortlessly through this view.

Calendar View

Creation of Invoices from Timesheets in Invoice App

Timesheet plays a huge role in calculating man-hours. It helps the employers to keep track of the hours spent productively. There are also instances where a company might require to convert these man-hours into an invoice. To accommodate these requirements, Apptivo has extended this feature to its Android platform. Now, you can create an Invoice from Timesheets in the Invoices app.

  • Go to Invoice App in your Android device → Create → From Timesheet

Invoice from Timesheet

  • Timesheet search tab appears. Select the customer for whom Timesheet has been created.


  • Create Invoice from Timesheet tab appears. You can fill the required data and select Create to create an Invoice.

Create an Invoice

  • Now, you can see that an Invoice has been created for the Timesheet.

Invoice Overview

Archived Section in Emails App

You can now archive your emails in the Archived section. It will assist in organizing your emails. This will help to avoid the process of deleting your emails permanently from the Emails tab and access it anytime.

Archived Section

Recipient Customization for Emails in Opportunities App

Opportunities app has made your work simpler by empowering you to decide to whom the emails are sent.

Go to Opportunities app → select a particular Opportunity → Click on Send emails.

  • You will be prompted to choose the email recipient where you can choose whether to send the email to Customer/Contact, Employee/Team or to everyone.

Recipient Customization

  • Once the recipient is chosen, you will be redirected to the compose email page where the recipient will be added by default.

Compose Email

Security Access Level

More Power to You! You can now control who accesses your records in your Apptivo All-In-One application.

Security Access Level for Applications in Apptivo

You can now configure the security access levels for the cases, case extended apps, contacts, customers, leads and opportunities apps.

For Instance: Let us consider setting a security access level for Customers App.

The Customer app enables you to decide whether everyone can access the customer data or only a particular employee can access it.

  • Go to Settings in the Customers app→ Security → Access Levels. You can choose who can access the records.

Customer Access Level

  • If “Employees” is selected, then the records can be viewed only by Employee for whom the record has been assigned.
  • In the Android platform, the following records have been added to the superuser in the Customer app.

Superuser Access

  • But, the record Nancy is assigned to a particular sales representative.

Sales Representative

  • When that particular sales representative logs into Apptivo, you can see that the customer Nancy’s record is alone present while all other records are hidden.

Employee Only Access

However, there might be instances where a particular employee might be an exception and requires complete access. In such cases, you can turn on the exception toggle bar and add the employee to the list.

Employee Only Access

Security Access Level for Activities

Apptivo has launched security access levels in its Android platform for activities which include Call logs, events, and Tasks. This will ensure that the information is accessed only by the chosen employee.

For Instance: If the Security access level is enabled for call logs as “Employees only”. Then, these logs can be accessed only by a particular employee.

Multiple Conversion Restrictions

Multiple conversion restriction prevents the conversion of a single record into multiple records. This helps to avoid duplication of records.

For Instance: Let us consider Multiple conversion restriction of records from Estimates App to Projects App.

Note: The settings have to be modified in the web version

  • In the Estimates App, Go to Settings → Estimates → Conversion in the left pane.
  • Now, select the Custom Conversion from the right pane and turn OFF “Allow Conversion Multiple Times” for Project.

Allow Conversion Multiple Times

  • Now, log into your account on the Android platform. Go to the Estimates app.
  • Select Show all to view all the estimates.

Show All Estimates

  • Select the Estimate record which has to be converted.

Show All in Estimates

  • In the Estimates Overview page, go to “More options” → Convert

Convert Option in Estimates

  • Since “Allow Conversion Multiple Times” is disabled, convert to Project will not appear in the conversion tab.

Converted Estimate

Custom View in Work Orders and Purchase Orders

More than collecting the record, it is more challenging to maintain it. With the latest update, it has become trouble-free to view the records. Apptivo enables you to customize the view in the Work Orders and Purchase Orders app.

Note: The view has to be customized from the Web version

For Instance: Let us consider customizing the view from the Work Orders app.

  • Go to Settings → Customize app → Views → select Create from the right pane.

Custom View Creation

  • In the Create View tab, enter the data related to the new option to be added and select create.

Creating View

  • You can see the new view on the Android platform by logging into your account and accessing the Work Orders App.

Created View

In-Person Sign

You can get In-Person e-sign in the work orders and estimates app that enables you to sign documents and collect multiple signatures directly from the device in face-to-face situations.

  • Go to Estimates App in your Android device and select Create New Estimate.

Creating Estimate

  • You can record the details in the Create New Estimate tab by choosing the correct template.

Choose Template

  • Now, a new estimate will be created.

Created Estimate

  • You can select the “In-Person Sign” button in the app header.

In-Person Sign option

  • You will be redirected to webpage where you can collect the signature.

Like these features? Then try experimenting with these features and give your business a wider range. Feel free to contact our support engineers anytime you require at

Stay tuned for more updates in Apptivo from our blogs and answers.

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