Apptivo welcomes you to learn the Mobile release on the iOS platform. We always go the extra mile in delivering a more facile and synchronized Mobile app access in order to keep up the expectations of our customers. We would like you all to enjoy a smooth and user-friendly mobile app that would let you excel in every business move.

Apptivo – iOS All-In-One Mobile App Updates – v6.2.3

  • Introduced Documents App
  • Enhanced “My Documents” folder
  • Shared Folder Access
  • App Folders Sync

Introduced Documents App

Documents app

Quality and Productivity of any organization can be improved by effective documentation and its association with the users. Keeping hold of documents ensures a smooth flow in the business. To provide better collaboration and to prevent document loss, Apptivo has introduced Documents App for its iOS users. Documents App in Apptivo is a comprehensive package allowing multiple functions to be performed from one place. The Search Documents header allows you to fetch the documents from the folders in no time.

Distinct Platform Access

The Documents App helps to access users’ documents from distinct platforms to ensure facile documentation.

Memory usage data

You can know the total space used by the documents that you’ve stored in the Documents app. The total space used info is visible at the top of every folder in the Documents app.

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Enhanced “My Documents” folder

My Documents

Manage your documents with the help of My Documents. The “My Documents” folder helps users to store, share and retrieve the documents that they’ve stored in the Documents app. It also allows users to add documents from distinct platforms like Device, From Google, and From DropBox.

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Shared Folder Access

Shared Folders

Documents app also benefits users with its Shared Folder access. You can effectively keep track of the documents that your colleague share with you. The “More” button in each document enables you to Download, Rename, Share or Delete the document that has been stored in the Shared Folder.

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App Folders Sync

App Folders

Easily store documents on any records that you create on any apps in Apptivo. App Folders stores the documents under the names of the apps that are used while creating records. As you will be dealing with various documents from multiple apps of Apptivo, the App Folder helps you stay organized to easily retrieve the documents anytime from it’s respective App Folder.

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We have been keeping our eyes on your expectations on the updates from the iOS platform.

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