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Apptivo – Windows All-In-One Mobile App Updates – v6.4.4

  • Introduced Purchase Orders App
  • Swift Creation of Purchase Orders
  • Collaboration Activities in Purchase Orders
  • Diversified Grouping of Purchase Orders
  • Supported Advanced Search Feature in Invoices App

Introduced Purchase Orders App

The Windows platform of Apptivo has extended support to the Purchase Orders App. Purchase Orders mirrors trust. Rather than following the informal process of placing orders in businesses, you can utilize the Purchase Orders App to keep track of the Orders placed to the vendors. Purchase Orders are basically the order issued by a buyer to a seller. When you have the purchase orders in paperwork, you can easily use this as a reference whenever a dispute arises or when the products do not meet your requirements.

Purchase Orders App

Swift Creation of Purchase Orders

The newest update allows you to create Purchase Orders from the Windows App. You can generate Purchase Orders for both Items sold and Services Provided. In business, you come across multiple Suppliers during events, meetings, and other collaborations. It becomes difficult to keep track of all the Purchase Orders placed if there is no proper framework. With the mobile application, you can simply feed the Supplier information in the Suppliers App anywhere and create a Purchase Order for the Items from the Supplier. In addition, you can also send a formal email of the Purchase Order to the Supplier without any complications.

Create Purchase Orders

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Collaboration Activities in Purchase Orders

The Collaboration Activities of Apptivo is widely known for its innumerable contribution to other Apps of Apptivo. Activities are the tools that assist in making your work organized and effective. The availability of Activities like Emails, Notes, Follow Ups, Events, Documents, and Tasks in each record will wipe off any type of confusion. These tools are now accessible in the Purchase Orders App. You can simply navigate to the selective Activity from the Overview page of a Purchase Order.


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Diversified Grouping of Purchase Orders

Apptivo has a dedicated View Builder that aids in filtering out the records based on a peculiar prerequisite. The View Builder is configured in the Web Application. However, the views are available in the Windows Mobile App. This feature is at present extended to the Purchase Orders App. In View Builder, you can view your records based on the Queue, Status, Tags, Follow Ups, Shared View, and Quick Links. On selecting a distinct view, you can view the filtered out Purchaser Orders in the Windows Mobile App.

By Status

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Supported Advanced Search Feature in Invoices App

Invoices App of Apptivo has committed to providing the best features in the market consistently. Innovation is an everyday process. It is beneficial to develop as technology develops. With the introduction of the Advanced Search feature in the Invoices App of Windows App, you can now search your Invoices based on particular attributes. This also includes the various tables like Services Provided and Products/Items sold.

Advanced Search

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