“Small Changes eventually add up to huge results”. We are pleased to give you a few advancements in Apptivo along with a couple of enhancements that makes Apptivo handier to work on! Run your eyes through till the end of the blog to get a simple overview of the updates released on November 17, 2018.

Updates and Enhancements – November 17, 2018

  • Record Payment – Side Panel
  • Date Fields – Is Empty & Is Not Empty
  • Line Level Export in Orders App
  • Update Notifications – Call Logs & Follow-Ups
  • Attribute Dependency in Print/Web Layouts
  • Any-to-Any Conversion


Record Payment – Side Panel

A new enhancement of the Financial sector is the Record Payment section that you can find in the Invoice App. The Record Payment tab in Invoice App will come up as a side panel instead of a pop-up.

record payment

The Balance Amount field is now non-editable but gets updated each time you update a payment.

balance amount


Date Fields – Is Empty & Is Not Empty

You can now distinguish the empty Date fields in the custom view settings of all CRM Apps. Say for example, in the Contacts App, when using custom views you can enter the Date of birth as a field and find if the value is empty or not empty.

date field null check


Line Level Export in Orders App

The Orders App is now featuring the attribute that you can export the Line levels in the Orders App in .xls or .csv form. This newly launched feature has a constraint that it can be exported only if All Fields are selected and not for the current view of the screen. The export of the Orders can be made either via the Reports in the Orders App or via the Bulk Actions. As an example, we can try to export from the Bulk Actions of the Orders App.

export orders

Once the line levels in the app are exported as .csv sheets you can get the exported format of the app including all the line level fields.

view orders line level exported


Update Notifications – Call Logs & Follow-Ups

The new effectuation of a trait is the Update Notification in the Call Logs and the Follow-Ups. Similar to the Update Notifications in Tasks, you can now customize the news feed messages in the Call Logs and Follow-Ups and have updates sent based on the notification criteria given.

update notifications in call logs

The Follow-ups menu by the same token has the new feature to update the notifications based on the canon set by you.

update notifications in follow ups


Attribute Dependency in Print/Web Layouts

You can find Print/Web Layouts customization of all the Apptivo Apps now jacked up with the new feature of Visibility Dependency at the attribute level. Tweak the visibility of the individual attributes based on the visibility criteria defined.

By way of illustration, let’s assume in Invoice App, if you want to customize the visibility of a particular attribute in the Print/Web Layouts, you can make the following changes.

attribute dependency

You can give the condition for the Visibility dependency in Print/Web Layout.

set attribute dependency

Any-to-Any Conversion

The coolest enforcement of this release is that you can now convert an object in an app to another appealing app.

For instance, if you want to convert a Contact to an Opportunity and it is not listed in the convert option, this is all you need to do. You can just customize the conversion settings by creating a new conversion object to it.

select app for conversion

Once you choose the object that it has to be converted, you need to map the fields to the object created.

app will be added

The fields can be mapped from the contacts to the Opportunities and updated.

custom conversion mapping

Once you update the field, the convert option will list the object that you have chosen.

view app in conversion dropdown

Do you want to enjoy these features? Just visit https://www.apptivo.com/ and start your account for free today!!!

Have an awe-inspiring day!!!!

Apptivo Team.

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