An Integrated ERP Solution

As a growing company, you will have a million different things to do. This can get quite overwhelming. So, you will need to put systems in place to build a structured method of growth. But, if you had a single tool, especially one that can integrate effortlessly into your already existing organization would be ideal. An ERP maintains, manages, and allows you to visualize all your business processes in a single area. Apptivo’s CRM Software is a cloud-based ERP, which can be accessed from anywhere with just a simple internet connection.

What is an ERP solution and why do we need it?

What is an ERP solution and why do we need it

Enterprise Resource Planning systems are used to help your company navigate through your day-to-day business activities in a structured manner. These can greatly increase the efficiency by boosting communications between your teams, forming a systematic business plan, and even be used to budget. ERP consists of several different organizational processes, ranging from product procurement to project management and even financing.

  • Revenue Generation: Good ERPs come at a cost, but they can have a huge return on investment. They allow you to analyze and budget all your teams with a more holistic approach instead of individually evaluating each part of a fragmented enterprise.
  • Streamlined Communications: Your company has different departments for various sections of the business process. But, since they are all connected and working towards a unified goal, they must have proper channels for information exchange. It is essential to keep each team updated with the most recent and accurate information at all times. ERPs are built to create these channels to establish strong communications between your separate teams.
  • Business Efficiency: ERPs not only increase productivity through the creation of communication channels, but also can automate most of the labor-intensive tasks like information gathering, data analysis, and report generation. This frees up your employees to do what they do best.

How Does Apptivo Establish ERP?

How Does Apptivo Establish ERP

Apptivo’s cloud business management suite contains all the major aspects of an ERP system. It is a one-stop solution that allows you to do all that an ERP does and more all for the price of lunch. This CRM software provides you with the following processes:

  • Inventory Control: The key to maintaining your organization is learning to keep inventory. This allows you to understand what you are capable of and what else you need. Apptivo’s CRM system makes use of 5 different applications to maintain your inventory. With the Items app, you can register your different products and services, the Inventory app lets you track your inventory of each of your items, you can make sales orders with the Orders app, the Receiving app can let you make receipts for each transaction, and finally, the Inventory Management app can be used to control the entire process.
  • Project Management: In order to upscale, your business needs various projects to build revolutionary new products and come up with imaginative services. But turning a mere idea into an industry-grade deliverable takes quite the effort and resources. Here’s where your company needs a project management app. This gives structure to the development and testing phases of your products. Apptivo’s CRM and Project Management Software encompasses various tools to record the progress of a project. With the project planning software, you can design the timeline, delegate the tasks, and use a simple communication channel to keep all your teams on the same page.
  • Analysis and Representation: One of the biggest parts of a business is data analysis. As your company gets bigger, you have to maintain and understand the mountains of data. The more data you can manage, the better your company will perform and the larger edge you will have against your competition. But just having oceans of data is not enough. You must be able to analyze the information to find trends that you can use to fuel your business. Apptivo provides a report generation system at every phase of yours. Starting from the email marketing software, to the leads app, which lets you generate customized reports on buying patterns, sales opportunities, and sales stage, to cost estimation reports in the estimating software.
  • External Integrations: Apptivo uses a wide software range of 3rd party applications to boost your business. This also allows you to seamlessly integrate Apptivo into your enterprise without having to change how you already do things. These integrations include the all-encompassing G Suite which helps in daily task tracking, consists of an email marketing, and even allows you to communicate with your teams through a video conferencing application, to calling software like, Nexmo, Fuze and RingCentral, and even accounting apps like PayPal, Stripe and even directly to your bank account. These applications can allow you to follow a project or a product from start to finish allowing you to create a clear business plan with well-informed predictions.

Wrapping Up

Maintaining so many different areas can be the bane of a business owner’s existence. ERPs provide a simple way to control these while automating the more tedious processes. This cultivates an organization’s growth in a systematic and organic manner. Apptivo Suite of Business apps is an affordable, online tool that manages all these aspects for you.

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