The world is changing! Technology is at the forefront of almost everything you can think of, and the good news is you have decided to cash in on this by choosing to run a Saas business. But, it transcends more than just a decision; here are eight cost-effective pointers to grow your SaaS business.


Create a referral program

Creating an incentive-based program is an age-old model of increasing sales. Although this is a widely known strategy, only one-third of businesses have such a plan in place. Start by creating a landing page on your website that supports a referral program but, is careful not to incentivize too heavily to avoid getting low-value quality referrals.

Content Marketing

Content marketing attracts visitors to your platform but, if not used properly can also reduce consumer acquisition. Creating educational, attractive content material for your target audience is a low-value way to build a strong brand and at the same time convert readers into clients. Employing an AI writing tool can help streamline the creation of high-quality, engaging content that resonates with your target audience, ensuring effective consumer acquisition and brand building.

All-in-One Solutions

As a business, you will have to use different software for different needs. One for CRM, one for invoicing, etc. This juggling and switching between multiple apps could lower the productivity and employees has to get used to various tools which are time-consuming. One solution to this problem is to use one software that could take care of your entire business needs like Apptivo. Apptivo has a tightly integrated CRM tool which is a cost-efficient marketing tool widely implored to increase customer base and clientele. Apptivo has a user-friendly email marketing platform perfect for engaging generated leads. Apptivo is not just a CRM; it is a powerful platform with a diverse range of apps, and most importantly Apptivo provides all integrations at a single cost making them one of the few companies in the CRM industry to do that.

Encourage Free Trials

Its human nature to first have a feel of a particular product before making a purchase and this sole reason is why all software has a free trial even if it’s at least for a day but Apptivo provides free trial up to 30 days. Do not make the mistake of making your trial version less innovative; make sure it is almost the same or better still the same experience with the paid version.

Search Engine Optimization

Pointer two centers on content marketing, however, you need to understand that it isn’t enough to only create content material; you need to make sure it gets out there to the right audience with ease. SEO works better with keywords so ensure to identify the right keywords required to boost your organic ranking.

Make Your Saas Business Exclusive

People love to be part of something that includes exclusivity; some of the top platforms in the world have exclusivity embedded in their process of registration so although you want your SaaS business to be universally acclaimed, try to make it look cool by encouraging exclusiveness.


Retargeting is highly beneficial to your SaaS SEO business. How does it work? Retargeting tracks your website visitors and then present’s online adverts as they visit different sites across the web. Many e-commerce websites use this strategy, and it is highly effective.

Google AdWords

This is a bit pricey when compared to the other points, but aside from that, it is highly effective. Running an AdWords marketing campaign may be just what you need to gain new clients it gives you an edge above your competitors.


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