7 Ways To Work Better With Apptivo Task Management Tools

From planning to do something and then actually doing it, task management is the key process that follows in between. When we talk about task management in our daily life, we can’t usually relate to it, but in reality, there is plenty of work that we do while practicing task management. It may be in the form of sticky notes, to-do-lists, process lists in an email, or you may even write it down on a piece of parchment. Therefore, every time we think of doing something, we first plan it and then follow that plan to accomplish the task. Similarly, for modern businesses, task management refers to a general, structured, and digitalized management of tasks using a dedicated application or software.

As we talk about the importance of task management software for a business, we can list a few advantages of using task management software such as providing an overview of your work, tracking the progress of projects, monitoring goals, and connecting between different tasks. All of these benefits of a task management system allow any business to have a digitally strengthened management framework that allows them to plan and complete their processes and tasks within the time frame. This, in turn, helps them grow. So, in this blog, let’s discuss the 7 ways in which you can use Apptivo task management tools in a better way.

Working with shortcuts

With Apptivo task management tools, you can control different actions with shortcuts. It allows you to prevent going through lengthy processes to manage your tasks. Using shortcuts, you can just access all your processes and tasks with a single click. These shortcuts let you save valuable time rather than going through the same series of steps repeatedly. Apart from this, shortcuts can take you to different projects and tasks at a click from a common dashboard.

Quick navigation through tasks

While working with a lot of tasks and projects, you may need to switch between tasks at different points where information may need to be transferred from one task to another. Using Apptivo task management tools, you can easily and quickly navigate from one task or project to another while staying on the same dashboard. This quick navigation feature lets you easily manage and work with multiple tasks whenever needed, hence, saving your time as well as making it easier for you to organize your tasks.

Using notifications

There are times when you may get involved in multiple tasks at a time. And if any update is made to any task, you may not be aware of that as colleagues might forget to leave a message or send a notification. At that time, there may be a delay introduced in the projects, or worse, the project may stay at a halt until the next update. This may result in a serious loss, but Apptivo task management software has a notification feature that prevents this from happening. It gives you prompt updates whenever a change is made to an existing task or a project schedule is modified.

Categorizing tasks and projects

Using Apptivo task management tools, you get complete control over organizing your tasks and projects. You can make individual lists based on different characteristics of tasks may it be the position of tasks in the queue, the priority of tasks, or any other similar attribute. This lets you organize your tasks in chronological order so that you can easily open and work on tasks based on different groups.

Project highlighting

While working and dealing with a large number of tasks, there are times when your teams might forget about a certain task or project owing to its low priority or because no one has been assigned to it since its creation. So, it may lead to incomplete projects post deadlines. With Apptivo task management, you don’t have to worry about all these things as it automatically notifies you about the forgotten tasks or the tasks which haven’t been opened for a certain time. So that, you can manage all those incomplete tasks too before their deadlines.

Setting task limits

Very often your teams may get exhausted due to a large number of tasks and projects being assigned to them without tracking them. It may cause huge delays in your workflows while having your employees lose their efficiency while working. But with Apptivo task management tools, you can prevent this from happening by keeping a track of tasks and projects assigned to a certain team. It also lets you track and monitor the completed and in-progress tasks of a team so that you can schedule the upcoming projects based on that.

Combining project information

For a large number of projects or projects with huge reference material, you don’t want access to all that information at the same time as it causes your dashboard to look complex, and hard to track all that information. Using Apptivo task management tools, you can easily group and combine all the project information in a single place and access it all at a click. It makes the project organization process very simple and lets you access all the project information easily.


Using task management software is great for your business as it helps in making your workflows more efficient and effective. But in doing the same, you may forget to look at little options and things that can help in boosting the productivity of your tasks and helping you grow. There are a lot of little techniques that can help you in doing so. These ways will help you to work in a better way and have a flexible approach towards task management and project organization.

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