Conversion rates are a great metric for every organization to evaluate the success of its marketing efforts. Companies are often in search of more effective ways to increase their conversion rates and among so many ways of doing so, it’s hard to determine one that works. But the most anticipated way of increasing the conversion rate of your marketing strategy is by applying automation to it. This is because automation is a key process adopted by different industries and has supported enough business processes to make them better.

Automated processes are beneficial for marketing purposes due to their effectiveness in different aspects. It is because, in the marketing process of a company, there are times when leads perform a certain action but it is left unaccounted for. It causes a fraction of loss to the marketing and sales process as leads are missed due to this. Contrary to this, Apptivo brings to you the Trigger functions in our wide range of applications that help you in controlling automated actions based on different activities and events. So, let us walk through the techniques that help in increasing the conversion rate and how Apptivo’s Trigger function helps you to achieve the same.

Nurturing Prospects

When leads enter your marketing funnel, there are various stages that they proceed to when connecting with your business. But when moving on to different stages, your prospects need to be dealt accordingly as different levels in the marketing funnel require different treatment as the leads proceed on to become a customer. In this situation, Apptivo’s Trigger function helps you to set activity-based actions that can help you in automatically connecting with your leads so that you don’t miss an opportunity.

Customizing Experience

There might be situations when the leads that link with your business have specific demands from you that seem the most difficult to tackle. It is because sending customized information to your leads and helping them in the way they want becomes hard when you don’t remember exactly the way your prospects like it. Apptivo’s Triggers function brings a solution to this problem as you can set different triggered actions based on the interaction of your leads so that they don’t have to wait for a response from your side. Trigger can automatically redirect them to you or can make certain information available to them on an exact event or time.

Setting Triggering Events

During the process when leads move further into your sales funnel and across different stages, certain actions need to be taken to ensure their retention. But when dealing with a larger audience, it becomes difficult for the sales and marketing departments to keep track of every lead and their actions related to your brand. So, automated triggers help in carrying out certain tasks at different events so that your prospects are dealt with properly. Apptivo’s Triggers help in the process by allowing you to set different tasks such as sending a mail, contacting a lead, making phone calls, etc. at a particular instance so that the correct actions are taken when leads reach a certain stage.

Accounting for Regular Communication

If an opportunity seems certain to you, then it is time for you to establish a better connection with them. Communicating regularly and relevantly is the best way to connect with your prospects. A busy sales department finds it difficult to deal with every person in their sales funnel so it becomes a loss for them as miscommunication or no communication at all results in liquefying of leads. Apptivo’s Trigger helps in this process by providing your prospects with an initial stage communication such as predefined emails and messages based on their interaction with your brand. So that no lead is left unaccounted for or not communicated to.

Targeting your Customers

There are several conditions when leads in your sales funnel are looking for the exact product you offer but they are finding it hard to proceed with your sales process. The solution to this is targeting your audience and sending them the right information and data regarding your products and services that they are looking for. It makes them more indulged in your sales process and moves ahead into the funnel. Apptivo’s Trigger helps you in this by allowing you to control event-based actions triggering certain operations whenever a lead does something on your website.

Defining your Sales Process

As soon as you get to know more about your leads, their purchasing behavior, and decision-making, you need to put together the different aspects of your sales and define a solid sales process so that you already have a familiar way of working with your prospects. By understanding their demands from you, an effective sales strategy is needed to conclude your marketing efforts on your opportunities and ensure a great sales workflow.

Working on Better Analytics

Your sales processes not only depend on current opportunities but prospects too. So when you are finished dealing with a lead, you need to work on the collective data from your sales funnel to learn more about your audience and their needs. Apptivo’s Trigger helps you in this by letting you know about the detailed actions of your leads and activities they had undergone by triggered events. It is beneficial for your business as it helps you in understanding more about future leads and provides valuable insights on sales.


So, these are the 7 proven ways to improve your conversion rate. By using Apptivo CRM Software, you get access to the right tool for automation that helps in increasing your engagement with your leads and results in increased conversion rates. The main benefit that Apptivo offers with this is its integration with the other applications in the Apptivo cloud suite so that you can get the best out of it. Hence, by choosing Apptivo, you can do what’s right for your business.

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