In the real sense, even though living a paper-free lifestyle is now very easy, the majority of the people today have not gone paperless. But why? The reasons are endless, but most times, people claim that it is just too challenging to go paperless.


Well, part of it is right to the most part. If you’re a large business or enterprise going paperless requires lots of change and training. It could take anywhere from months to years implement throughout the organization. But, if you’re an SMB, it’s easier than you think.

With plenty of digital software like Apptivo and others, SMBs can go paperless within few weeks or months. So, if you’re thinking about going paperless or at least reduce paper in your workspace, then this article will help you get started.

1. Use Digital Signature Software For Contracts And Quotes

Do you know that you can now introduce eSignature functionality into your business? This is very easy with Apptivo’s API integration with Sign Now. You can learn more this in this article – 7 Ways Non-Profits Can Use E–Signature. Though it’s targeted towards NGOs, most of the actions apply to businesses.

2. Store and Manage Your Digital Files

Almost all documents in a workplace contain sensitive information that needs to be stored safely yet accessible. This allows you to access these documents anywhere, anytime and don’t have to be tied to your locker or office. All you need is a mobile or laptop with an active internet connection. Apptivo Document Management solution is secured enough to keep and manage documents in the cloud. People who authorized it can only access these documents. With Apptivo cloud storage, you can access your documents anywhere any time with an internet connection. Even if your computer crashes or your paper copies are destroyed, you will still have access to the electronic documents.

3. Online Banking

Are you keeping your company earnings in a bank business account? If yes, then, you need to take advantage of online banking. Digital banking makes it easy for you to save, share and transfer money. You can do this any time of any day (24 hours) with full access to bank records. You don’t have to queue in banks to find out your account balance.

4. Transition From Physical Mailers To Email Marketing Software

You don’t have to make photocopies of your documents and send through the post office to deliver to your customers; you can compose and send the message through emails. This is much more efficient, quick and simple. You can use Apptivo Campaigns to send out an email blast to all your customers or a specific group of customers in an instant. With its built-in email templates, all you have to do is type in your message or offers and hit send. It’s that simple.

5. Digital Collaboration Tools

For a business to be successful, there must be effective communication between the staffs. You can implement digital collaboration tools for your employees to work together. Apptivo Projects is an online collaboration tool you can use to help your team complete tasks on the internet. You can track and monitor the progress of any project and tasks using interactive Gantt Chart, easily track the time you spend on a task and many more.

6. Paperless Invoices

No matter how small your business is, you can also go paperless. Many small business owners collect payments by invoices, and they mail out paper invoices to bill customers; this is not the effective way to do it, as you will spend much time writing, printing, and sending invoices to your customers on paper. To eliminate this stress, you have to move to a paperless office with the use of an electronic invoice system. Apptivo Invoices makes it easy to send email invoices to customers with just a few clicks; this will prevent you from spending money on the envelopes, paper, and postage.

What’s the catch? Apptivo is integrated software that features everything you need in one cloud solution including project management tool, CRM, invoicing, web help desk, expense reports, and several others. It is adjustable for any business and accessible anywhere. Apptivo helps to reduce the amount of paper in a business environment and save money and time.



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