6 Secrets to Scale up your Customer Lifetime Value

For every business, Customer Lifetime Value is a critical metric that lets a business understand the nature of their customers, their purchase behavior, when they are more likely to make a purchase, etc. Having a great understanding of Customer Lifetime Value allows a company to effectively increase its overall revenue and emphasize the right customers at the right time. It is important for a company as it plays a vital role in making you understand the financial factors of your business related to the customers. It essentially helps a business in determining their spend dynamics including marketing so that they can focus on spending in the right direction to maximize their profit. With that said, let’s take a look at 6 Apptivo secrets that help you in increasing your Customer Lifetime Value.

Successful Onboarding of Customers

Providing your customers with an exceptional onboarding experience is a great way to improve your Customer Lifetime Value. Having successfully onboarded your customers is an important step in improving your business performance as your customers who have a good time while getting linked to your brand get to have a longer retention time with your business as well as are most likely to advocate your business further. In this step, a better onboarding process involves introducing your customers to the dynamics of your business as well as letting them know how and where to contact at times of issues. Apptivo CRM plays an important role in the onboarding process of your customers by giving you valuable insights into your customers.

Creating Loyalty Programs

Having Loyalty programs involved in your business is a great way to ensure customer retention as well as in improving your Customer Lifetime Value. A great loyalty program involves having the customers rewarded for their regular attachment with the business. Providing them with reduced prices on particular products and services as well as giving them special benefits is a great way to ensure their loyalty to your business, further improving their Lifetime Value.

Retargeting your Customers

Retargeting your customers is a cyclic process that lets you improve your Customer Lifetime Value that results in helping you determine what customers you should be retargeting. Retargeting enables you to filter out the fraction of your customers that you should be focusing on more when compared to others. This is an important step as it helps you in understanding the customers that you should be putting more effort on as well as who is a more valuable asset to your business. Apptivo helps you in this by providing you detailed information about your valuable customers through its CRM application.

Managing Customer Relationships

Managing your customer relationship has a direct impact on your Customer Lifetime Value. It is because a customer is related to your business right from the start and it continues for a lifetime if your relationship with your customers is great from the beginning. So, you need to focus more on managing customer relationships in a better way to have your CLV improved. Managing customer relationships in a better way requires you to have the power included in a powerful CRM tool and Apptivo brings you the best of it. Apptivo CRM helps you in managing all the aspects of your customer journey from the point a customer gets interested in doing business with you. Hence, with a great CRM tool like Apptivo, you can greatly improve your Customer Lifetime Value by a great factor.

Providing Great Customer Service

Whenever a customer gets stuck and has an issue with something, he is in need of urgent assistance from your side. And that is when the importance of great customer service comes into the picture. But one thing that you need to understand is in the situation of an issue, a customer starts looking for content-based help that could be available on the internet. So, for this, you need to have a proper website along with good content that can be helpful to your customers in case of a problem. The next thing you need to consider is having great customer support so that when your customers need urgent help, they can be served. So, in this situation, Apptivo helps you by presenting you its integrated CRM with Customer Support Applications including Cloud Contact Center & HelpDesk, so that, not only you can manage customer relationships effectively but also provide your customers with the best solution to their problems whenever needed. By giving great customer service, you are ensuring improvement in the Customer Lifetime Value that further helps your business to improve in different areas.

Effectively planning your strategies

When considering improving the Customer Lifetime Value, you need to be aware of the different factors that affect your business. It could be your business model, your marketing strategies, or even the ways by which you contact your customers. So in this case, you need to replan several things and draft more effective business strategies so that you can improve your Customer Lifetime Value significantly. Hence, you need to implement several changes in your business so that you can ensure customer retention while improving the Customer Lifetime Value.


To increase your business revenue and grow your business needs, you have to value your customers. It is just the actions you need to take for making your customers feel like they mean a lot to your business. The best way to do this is by giving them exactly what they want, that too in the best convenient manner. Hence, to boost your Customer Lifetime Value you need to practice these ways to have a great future for your business with your customers and grow your business.

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