6 Best Tactics Of Relationship Selling To Close More Deals

For a majority of companies, relationship building is one of the most challenging tasks. Even though they use the Best CRM solutions in their sales strategies, they don’t succeed in selling relationships and closing more deals. Due to this, companies have dedicated departments that manage customer relationships using specialized CRM applications and are focused on improving customer satisfaction. But as the scenarios of buying and selling change, sales teams are unable to deliver better performance in terms of building relationships and closing more deals.

So, this blog brings you the six best tactics to building great relationships and closing more deals.

Top 6 Tactics Of Relationship Selling

1. Identify the right leads

Identifying the right leads is something that is directly related to the potential of your business as well as your sales teams. While looking for a perfect client or a qualified lead for your business, you need to be completely honest with your business capabilities. You should define certain constraints that your sales teams should be focusing on while processing leads. Therefore, you need to make proper algorithms and plans to be followed by your teams with your CRM solutions to work with the right leads only. So, align your CRM management to identify the target audience, build the right relationships with your leads, establish deeper connections, and ensure long-term bonds.

2. Nurture your Leads & build stable relationships

While working with CRM management systems, teams often forget to deal with valuable leads. It results in the leads getting lost and leave their sales process entirely. So, they need to understand the need for maintaining customer relationships and fostering them. For this to happen, you need to teach your sales reps to look for opportunities to create value for your customers. As the sales cycle is continuous, you need to focus on using your CRM applications in a manner your leads can get valuable information at every stage of their customer lifetime.

3. Capitalize on conversion opportunities

There are moments when a lead requires just a little support and can quickly become a lifetime customer for an organization. But for this to happen, your sales reps need to be aware of the smallest opportunity they get to convert a lead into a customer and then capitalize on those opportunities to provide them even more value. It would benefit you as the leads would be expecting support as resources that can help them address their issues. By doing that. the lead would feel like a part of the organization and would result in a successful conversion.

4. Actively address their challenges

One of the key parts of customer relationship management is understanding the challenges & requirements of your prospects. And very often, sales reps assume the persona of their leads and expect their challenges to align with your product rather than telling them how your product can help them. So, avoid relating your product with the leads, but try relating their challenges with your product and how you can help them. Therefore, active understanding and providing genuine & relevant value is necessary.

5. Delivering scalable relationship sales

Even when the sales teams use the best CRM Software, it becomes hard to manage several relationships as it is a time-consuming process. But you need to understand that finding the right buyer is not enough to have a successful customer relationship. You have to focus on the sustainability & scalability of the relationships you manage. Therefore, ensuring that your sales strategy addresses the scale at which you manage customer relationships is necessary for you to have successful sales and improved conversion.

6. Adopting a win-win approach

The secret to a successful long-term relationship with your customers is to ensure that you have a win-win approach to your sales strategy. If you try to show your product to be the only win situation for your leads, they would see themselves as the loser and not possibly be your customer anyhow. So, you need to think of them as the winner and make them believe that buying or not buying your product doesn’t make them a loser. And for this, you need to make your sales reps understand the value of honesty and authenticity of thoughts while dealing with leads. Therefore, be patient and let the customers take winning decisions by themselves.

How Apptivo helps you in effective relationship selling & improving sales

Apptivo is among the best CRM software that gives you distinctive features to help improve your sales. With Apptivo Opportunities and Leads app, you can effectively manage your leads, so that you never miss on any of the valuable customers and close as many deals as possible. Apptivo Leads app gives you the features to track leads from different sources such as web forms, emails, etc. Therefore, helping you choose the right leads effortlessly. It also makes qualifying and assigning quality leads easier so that your leads don’t get stuck only in your database and get dealt with quickly, hence, increasing the chances of your reps closing a deal with them. And with the Apptivo Opportunities app, you can automatically capture opportunities right from your email, removing the chances of losing a deal right away. And it also gives you the benefit of automating your sales cycle so that you can make the most out of each opportunity that gets to you.


Most businesses have provisions to capture leads, but they don’t have a proper method to deal with them afterward. They need to work on the ways they deal with leads and change their sales strategy to align it in the ways of their customers. So, choose the best CRM software and raise your bars with Apptivo.

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