6 Benefits of an Online Billing System

Nowadays, companies find it crucial to identify solutions to cater to the different needs of their business that can eventually affect their financial state. Invoicing is one of those activities that need to be carried out every day. When it comes to repetitive tasks, taking the help of digital means is a great way. That is where the online billing and invoicing system comes in to assist companies and organizations. Having an online invoice generating system in your organization helps you in multiple ways and plays a crucial role in strengthening the financial structure of your organization.

Invoicing is an important part of any organization and because of that, it needs to be addressed properly. If a company faces any struggle with its invoicing process, then they need to invest in an online billing & invoicing system so that they could ensure several things such as it will save them time, costs, and most importantly it is very efficient when compared to traditional methods. With Apptivo, let’s see how an Online Billing System benefits your organization in 6 different ways.

Saving time & cost

The first thing that a company sees in a product while investing is that if the product can save them time & money or not. An online billing system certainly does so. When working with Apptivo, you get access to its effective online billing system that lets you handle certain tasks such as scheduling recurring invoices and bills so that it automatically generates them at the right time. Also, it features reminders and integration to customer portals so that you don’t have to wander here and there while searching for a customer on the database. Hence, Apptivo saves time and costs for your organization.

Easy access to information

When opting for traditional methods, you have to worry about different things such as making paper bills, managing them, preparing consumer copies of invoices, etc. All of this is a great hassle for some organizations but when working with online systems, you don’t have to do those as online billing systems such as Apptivo’s integrated CRM offers remote access to information and invoices anytime and anywhere you want. You can even prepare invoices with cloud systems on the go in just a few minutes. With its inbuilt PDF builder, sharing invoices isn’t troublesome.

Integration of different aspects

Another difficulty faced by companies in the process of invoicing and billing is the collection of payments and updating of details on the customer portal. Apptivo Invoices application makes it easy for them to handle both the tasks simultaneously. With Apptivo Invoices, you get to integrate with different payment gateways making it easier for you to track payments as well as automatically update the payment information on the customer portal removing any further hassle for you. It also features integration with mainstream accounting systems that are widely used including Xero and QuickBooks so that your clients also don’t have to face any inconvenience.

Organized processes

With Apptivo’s integrated CRM and Invoices application, you get access to centralized information of customers, buyers, suppliers, etc. that allows you to manage a huge amount of data easily on a single platform. To handle that data for utilizing it in work, Apptivo helps in integrating workflows across your organization to yield more efficiency. It is done by different features such as approval workflows to have a great emphasis on audit of invoices and reports to avoid any discrepancies.

Overall customization

Customization is a limit when companies decide to go with traditional methods of billing as they can’t set individual changes according to their clients’ requirements. They just have to follow their bill book fields and make entries accordingly. But with Apptivo Invoices, it isn’t like that. You get complete control over the customization of different things such as creating custom views, formulas, tables, fields, and much more. Apptivo gives you a complete oversight on how you want to make invoices for different customers. Apart from that, it also features advanced features letting you view intuitive details regarding customers to make better business decisions.

Remembers to remind you

Very often, companies struggle in collecting payments from their clients as they forget to generate invoices and deliver them to the concerned parties. But with Apptivo’s Invoices app, there is no need to worry. Apptivo gets you covered as it features reminders that don’t allow you to forget a single task. You can set up reminders while adding a customer to the database so that you get reminded before each recurring billing period. Automatic invoices can also be prepared along with automatic reminders so that you can just share the invoices with your clients and it’s done.


Apptivo helps you in integrating workflow across your organization by supporting you at every step along the customer journey. Right from the start when customers are just a lead to your business, Apptivo supports you in their journey to becoming customers through its different applications such as Opportunities, Projects, Timesheets, Invoices, and many more.

At every stage of your business, you don’t have to worry about any aspect of it because while working with Apptivo you get access to a complete integrated CRM solution consisting of applications for your every business needs. Apptivo’s Invoice application replaces your bill books and converts the whole billing process from a mere step in the business function to a complete and organized system of tasks. They accomplished in a smooth manner to provide the best efficiency for your business. So choose Apptivo and sign up for a greater future.

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