5 Workflow Automations That You Can't Ignore

Automation is the key to the future. Everything that you do in today’s life is already powered by automation. With the evolution of technology, work flow management through process automation software has gained top-notch leverage when compared to other technologies. There was a time when humans had to rely heavily on manual labor to get their work flow processes completed. The operational workflow that was a result of this manual workforce was downright inefficient, labor-expensive, required more man-hours, and made employees work on redundant tasks when they can spend the same amount of time on more productive work flow management. The befitting solution to overcome this hassle was to automate business workflow. Undoubtedly, we are living in the technological era where businesses are investing heavily in process automation software. Staying in tune with the trend, Apptivo business management software has powerful task automation tools that can streamline your business operations.

What is workflow automation?

Workflow automation is defined as the process of design, development, deployment, and automation of work flow processes to smoothen the business management. In short, automation is created and assigned automatically to the right employees. The prime benefits of workflow automation are:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Optimal accuracy
  • Decrease in time employed
  • Decreased redundancy
  • Quick decision making
Benefits of Automation

When you are running a business, every cent counts. With the management having to take challenging decisions every day, they have to prepare the right budget that is smart and brings out profits more than the investment. A number of studies since the beginning of time have shown that automation has caused a substantial decrease in labor cost and improved the efficiency of their employees. The importance of workflow automation is that it makes the customers happy as a final result.

In business, there are a lot of processes that need to be dealt with. This required multiple hands at their computers, and minds on the solutions. For a business to run successfully, all tasks must be done on time, if not before time. But there is only so much workload that your employees can take. To rid yourself of time and resource constraints, you can utilize some of the best workflow automation Apptivo offers.

5 Workflow Automations Available In Apptivo

Apptivo has a number of workflow management tools that make the work of any business simpler. Businesses have started to depend increasingly on work flow tools to automate their operations. This is because they have everything your business needs to automate your tasks. The task automation facilities of Apptivo are mighty and popular for their advanced features that can get your task done in a jiffy. The tasks pave the way to automate process workflows that require minimum labor facility, lesser investments, and results in increased profits. In this blog, we have listed the top 5 workflow automation tools available in Apptivo that you cannot simply resist from integrating with your business processes.

Webform to Lead, Auto Assigning, Email Notifications

As a business operating online, you might get a ton of requests, queries, or data from your website via forms. These forms when connected with Apptivo can directly convert the prospect into a lead and store all crucial information, without having to enter them manually. All of the data is directly brought into the CRM software, to which each of your employees has access.

Each time a prospect or client posts a query or concern on the website, the concerned employee is sent an email notifying them about the new post. This happens when you enable email notifications, with which the employee does not have to keep returning to the Q&A page to look for new posts.

When there is a new ticket generated or duties to be assigned, you no longer have to wait for the approval or delegation of tasks from a team leader. Apptivo’s auto-assign feature can do it automatically!

Email Sequencing

Ever wondered how much time you could save if you didn’t have to spend hours every day sending out emails to your prospects? If the answer is yes, then introduce yourself to Email Sequencing- the tool which takes all the burden of crafting new emails and sending them out every time you meet a prospect and increases your chances of closing more deals.

Email Sequencing is an automated system that will work at your command (or without) to deliver emails after an interval has elapsed. Not only is it time-based, but highly customizable. So, now you can send a variety of emails to all your prospects depending on which stage of the sales process they are in and continue to send them over a long or short period. Email sequencing helps you save time, make the most of an opportunity, and reduce the chances of missing out.


A trigger is an action that takes place because of an event. These actions are automated and can be linked to your Calendars, Emails, and Project Management apps. The triggers can be activated when a sales representative makes a certain number of sales, or when a client confirms their order. With this tool, you can send out an automated email, make changes to sales stage activities, or update criteria. These triggers can be Event-Based or Time Based.

This tool is highly useful, as not only does it reduce the workload of your employees, but also ensures consistency in functions and services provided by your organization. It eliminates the chances of errors and forgetting. Triggers are implemented with the motive to leave no detail ignored. By setting up the required criteria, you can empower the system to take the necessary steps and notify you as you work on your everyday tasks. For instance, you can receive email notifications when a particular case or ticket is updated automatically on a particular day.

This feature is available in Cases, Contacts, Contracts, Customers, Leads, Opportunities, Work Orders, Projects, Target, Sales Receipt, Purchase orders, Items, Invoice, and Supplier Invoices apps offered by Apptivo.

With the right kind of tool, a huge portion of all the mundane tasks can be automated. Opportunities app from Apptivo takes the responsibility of handling sales-related information so that your team can focus on other aspects. Considering sales stages are an integral part of your sales process, Apptivo has taken it to the next level by integrating it with automation.

Converting prospects to clients entails several steps. Sales stage activities are those sales stages which you need to close a deal. Each stage consists of activities that you need to perform, which could be sending out an automated follow-up email or tasks that need to be completed, and every step could have multiple activities, too. Once each stage is completed, you move on to the next stage and assign activities relevant to that stage.

The Opportunities app takes care of all the steps in the sales process. You can merge the tool with other apps, and directly integrate all clients’ details into it. The integrated solution makes it easier for sales teams to manage the complete workflow from the start to finish effortlessly.

Customer Portal In Cases And Projects Apps

Customer Portal is a handy feature for your clients. When there are queries generated, with the help of this feature, the customer gets assigned a third-party account with which they can track the progress of an assignment or their raised concern. Making Customer Portals in each of your apps displays the progress of the task, leading to a more aware and happy client. This feature works with Cases, Projects, Orders, and Invoices.

The Customer Portal is an outstanding feature available in Apptivo that can make customers communicate directly with the corresponding employees. It helps customers to track their tickets, projects, orders, and invoices instantly with secure login credentials.

What makes Apptivo’s customer portal different from others is that it has a user-level access option. Here, the employees can determine the type of access that the user can have over their tickets. Further, the employees can limit the number of tickets that the users can log in depending on their customer portal plan. The controlled access combined with greater privileges creates an interactive environment for employees and customers where all their queries can be tracked effortlessly.

Final Thoughts

Workflow automation boosts productivity and speeds up all business activities. They are easy to use, bring all crucial information under one roof, and provide speedy and real-time analysis. If you have the right automation by your side, reaching your business goals and managing data will get easier. By signing up for a powerful and multitasking CRM solution like Apptivo, you can create a beneficial operational workflow for your employees where they can focus more on important tasks while enabling the system to go through with the redundant tasks. This blog has listed only some of the task automation tools that are present in Apptivo. As you explore the software, you will be able to reap the benefits of other top automation tools that are currently available in Apptivo.

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