5 Ways How Apptivo Connects Your Data to Your People

In today’s corporate world, running any business requires a lot of input from the staff as well as the owner too. Due to the dynamically changing rules of companies, entrepreneurs and head representatives often find it hard to deliver excellent performance. To deliver the same level of great performance evenly throughout, you certainly need a hand to control aspects like productivity and efficiency of your workplaces. You need to keep a constant track of data and information like handling databases of clients, investors, employees, etc. Hence, it is one big task to manage these with ongoing work and operations along with managing the routine tasks. Let us take a look at how Apptivo helps you in achieving these goals, all at once.

Role of Apptivo in your Business Management

Role of Apptivo in your Business Management

Apptivo suite consists of a wide variety of tools mainly the integrated CRM software which helps in controlling and managing different aspects of your daily business needs. Business collaborations are made effective and easy to conquer with Apptivo. When working with Apptivo, you will find that it facilitates a great level of integration with a variety of platforms. It consists of applications to serve the need of most businesses in terms of:

  • Office Billing and Invoicing: Apptivo CRM consists of integrated invoicing and estimating applications. It makes management of throughputs and products easy and smooth. It is easily accessible and remotely available through the cloud.
  • Contact Management: In offices and business places, it is often hard to manage client and internal contacts along with establishing a proper database for the same. Apptivo makes it easier for you to store your contact information and make communication effective.
  • Documentation: It also offers a simple and easy-to-use document management interface allowing you to have control of all the business documentation in one place. With this, you could have access to all of the documents whenever needed.

By offering these as well as plenty of other features, Apptivo makes it easy for you to establish a great internal collaboration among the employees eventually connecting them better with you, with customers, and with clients. Apart from this, Apptivo also features software to meet other business needs such as eSignature software which enables you to have less need for paperwork, and eCommerce options which lets you create your online business from scratch.

How Apptivo Connects People & Data?

How Apptivo connects people & data

Being a CRM software and suite, Apptivo is much more than that. It offers certain benefits which eventually results in connecting you with the organization and its people in a much better way. The 5 ways in which Apptivo helps you manage your business as well as connect with people and data are:

By Providing a Broader View of Your Business

Apptivo CRM features a single stockroom of data and information related to your business. This results in the collective storage of business collaterals and documents related to sales, marketing, etc. making it easier for anyone in the organization to look up for what they need at exactly the right place. On the other hand, as a business owner, it is beneficial for you too as it will give you better insights and feed on what and how things are going on with the work. Hence, giving you a better view of the workflow and giving more opportunities to connect with people in terms of data.

By Merging Sales and Marketing

Apptivo provides a platform having a unified sales & marketing option leading the employees to have better collaboration in both the fields. The connectivity between them is achieved by providing the employees in the sales and marketing departments with a shared platform. Further, developing the contacts in sales and marketing makes it easier for employees to efficiently use CRM and keep track of all the client communication, documentation, and asset management.

Facilitating Better Teamwork

While working with clients and leads, it is often seen that marketing and customer services face an obstacle due to the convergence of data among unconcerned people. Apptivo solves the issue by providing you with a unified platform for controlling sales and marketing data. Making it for the client as well as employee teams to have access to shared information, hence accomplishing tasks and operations at a greater pace. Eventually, developing the connectivity between them.

Increasing Collaboration

Access to shared information and data among the employees eventually leads to greater collaboration between them. For this, Apptivo has online collaboration tools integrated into its CRM software which helps in efficient data handling inside the organization. Conclusively, it makes the employees share important data and valuable insights with each other and become more productive.

By Providing a Variety of Communication Methods

Apptivo also provides you with several methods of communication among clients and customers. Giving you access to a much flexible network of communication channels. It gives your business all the necessary means to establish effective and engaging communication with the customers. The main methods include Email marketing, Mobile Communication, and the newest addition to the CRM software – the Apptivo Contact Center. All of them make communication with customers and clients easy and sorted.

Hence, Apptivo has a wide range of benefits which makes it a perfect CRM software for businesses. It helps in creating a great collaboration between the clients and customers by transforming the data and making it available to all at once.


Apptivo’s cloud platform provides you with a better platform to increase productivity and the internal collaboration of your business. It gives you access to all the tools and applications you require to create a connected and shared environment of information among your employees. Hence, with Apptivo, connect your business in a better way and achieve your goals.

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