5 Reasons Why Your Sales Team Isn’t Using Your CRM

Very often there are situations when companies successfully implement a CRM solution for their business. But, they find it quite disappointing to see their employees not using modern solutions in their business processes and still using old methods for managing customer relationships. Due to this, there is often a loss of money and time over deploying the solutions. It also yields a loss to the business as workflows are disrupted with slow processing. Several studies have found that around 40% of all salespeople around global businesses prefer using old methods instead of using modern CRM solutions.

There could be a set of possible reasons due to which your sales teams don’t prefer using your CRM solution. With Apptivo, let’s know the reasons why sales teams aren’t using your CRM and how Apptivo helps you in making them aware of it.

Sales representatives having low proficiency using the CRM

This is one of the main reasons behind the low preference for CRM software. It is most possibly the result of your employees not being technically sound and aware of the modern trends or they may be comfortable using another CRM software that they’ve used before. This issue can be tackled by providing strong user training to your sales teams. The most effective way to do so is to conduct sales webinars with your existing sales teams. For the new employees onboarding the institution, they must be briefed using onboarding webinars to provide them with the information regarding the tools and methods of your business such as the CRM software. It helps in making them aware of the solutions and also provides them with industry best practices of CRM. It makes them aware of the evolving CRM technology and promoting them to adopt it for their benefit.

CRM Software consisting of poor data

Even if your company has the best user-friendly Software to work on as well as technologically aware sales reps, chances are you can still face the condition of your sales reps not using your CRM solution. The reason is your CRM software provides bad data to your reps, which causes your sales reps to not prefer it at all.

To prevent this situation, you must maintain your CRM database with properly updated data that should be correct to its best and there shouldn’t be any incorrect or duplicate present in the Software. It can be done by doing regular checks and cleansing the data present in your CRM. You can also consider creating policies regarding data quality that would help in maintaining excellent data right from the beginning. With Apptivo CRM, you get fully customizable and automated CRM software that makes data maintenance easy and reliable.

CRM software is hard to use

When your sales team isn’t using your CRM, there may be a problem with your Software. Your sales teams could’ve found it difficult with your CRM to update and organize data so they went for manual methods instead of using your CRM Software. The problem with manual data entry is that it is often exhausting for employees as well as prone to errors in data. The solution to this problem is the implementation of an automated CRM Software that enables automated entry and syncing of data along with supporting integration with other platforms too. Automated CRM allows easy updates and removes any issues in manual entry. With Apptivo CRM, you get to experience completely automated CRM software with a user-friendly interface making it easier for sales reps to use. Apptivo CRM also offers integration with other platforms such as Google Contacts that makes it beneficial for your business as well as making the CRM easier to use.

Your employees are unclear about the benefits of CRM

This is one of the main reasons for your employees not using your CRM as they aren’t aware of the benefits of CRM Software and the potential it holds to contribute to the sales of your business. They just consider CRM software to be an office application that is meant for feeding in data only. In this condition, you need to make your sales reps understand the various benefits of a CRM and how it can contribute to your day-to-day sales. Briefing them about the benefits of a CRM such as the saving of time and money in sales processes as well as the integration of data at a single place and accessibility of data from anywhere, anytime. This can be done by sharing case studies and blogs about the benefits of CRM.

Sales reps considering CRM as a monitoring tool

It is of no doubt that CRMs are preferred by businesses due to their potential to manage a lot of tasks such as tracking user activities, completion of tasks, updating records, reaching out, etc. But, salespeople consider it as a tool for monitoring their performance. Due to this, it is misunderstood by sales reps that CRM could be used as a reporting tool for their performance. Instead, they need to understand that CRM metrics are for their growth. For this, you need to use a CRM to assign leads appropriately according to the skills of reps, establish realistic sales goals, and nurture a collaborative environment to remove pressure from the mind of your employees and make them aware of their capabilities. Apptivo CRM lets you assign, track, and manage your contacts as per your requirement so that you can instruct your leads for better performance.


There isn’t anything new in the fact that your employees are finding it hard to adapt to new technology and it is normal for them to do so. According to them, old methods are reliable and easier but it is until they understand the potential of CRM and its benefits to them and their company. So, with Apptivo, you can make your employees use the best CRM Software and boost your sales.

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