5 Reasons Why Your Business Need a Cloud Based Help Desk Software

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of a business. When dealing with clients, queries and complaints are imminent. Whether you’re a small business or a big enterprise, the number of requests you get each day could become overwhelming for your employees. Manually keeping track of each client’s request, responding to every email, and following up takes up a lot of time, which could be utilized somewhere else to get you more profits.

Several benefits come with Help Desk services. Implementing a cloud-based Help Desk software can ease the process of resolving complaints and save your employees a lot of time and resources.

5 Reasons Why Your Business Need A Help Desk Software

Time Management

Having a myriad of tasks to deal with on a daily basis, your employees can get confused. Prioritize tasks, set due deadlines, sort workload effectively, and manage time with the help of Help Desk. You can view the number of tickets generated, and assign them to your employees. Based on the urgency of each query, you can set deadlines and classify each task according to them.

Quick Follow-Ups

Tracking tickets becomes easy, so do the follow-ups. Since you get all the crucial client-related data in your system, you can follow-up for feedback or their decision to move ahead with the solution for their issues.

Easy Management Of Emails

Easily manage all the emails that you receive so that you do not miss out on any tickets. You can automate responses to these emails, assign service agents, implement SLAs, and track time effectively. Not only will you help your employees save a lot of time, but also decrease the chances of losing out a loyal customer.

Improved Customer Services

When you have an automated system, utilizing which your employees can respond quickly to each ticket that is raised, you are giving your clients a better service. Not only are you saving their time by resolving queries quickly, but also showing how valuable they are for your business.

Tracking Clients/ Businesses

With the help of a cloud-based Help Desk tool integrated with a CRM Software, you can keep a database of easily accessible information about all your clients. Right from the initiation of a query to receiving payment from your customer, you can keep a record of all documents in one place.

Key Features of Apptivo Help Desk

Key Features of Apptivo Help Desk

Apptivo Help Desk comes packed with multiple features. Some of them are given below.

Customer Portal

Customer Portal is a handy feature for your clients. You can manage all customer-related data in one place. With the help of this feature, the customer gets a dedicated account assigned with which they can track the progress of an assignment or their raised concern. Enabling Customer Portals in each of your apps displays the progress of the task, leading to a more aware and happy client.


SLA or Service Level Agreement tools are quite useful when it comes to the management and supervision of external or outsourced services. To help any business with tracking and communication of each service, Apptivo brings a set of highly customizable and practical tools like Contracts, Estimates, and Invoices. It then uses the Cases app to send each update to the parties concerned.

Time Tracking

With Apptivo’s simple and easy-to-use Timesheets app, you can track the time and resources spent on each of the tasks. You can assign hours and deadlines to each case generated and assess how your employees are completing these activities. The tool is highly customizable and can respond to all deadline-based activities.

Workflow Management

It is very important to stay up-to-date with your team’s performance and collaborate effectively. The Project Management tool from Apptivo lets you set a target for each task, oversee the performance of your employees, and manage workload efficiently. With this tool, you can set timelines within which each request has to be resolved so that no task gets delayed and all the processes can stay on track.

Email To Case

When a customer registers a complaint in your help desk application, you need to assign it as soon as possible. The quicker you assign the case, the faster it can be resolved. Apptivo provides an automatic mailing system for you to use in order to assign the ticket to your employees. This system also comes with a structured email template so that you don’t have to type the mail: Just enter the case information and you’re good to go.

Final Thoughts

Due to the pace with which businesses are progressing today, a Help Desk tool has become a must-have for streamlining all customer-related processes. Customer service can become organized, and consistent when each query is easily tracked, identified, and prioritized based on requirements. With the help of such an indispensable tool, customer service can become reliable, efficient, and fast.

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