So you’ve got a crazy billion dollar idea, and you’re all set to build your startup from the ground. That means you’ve got a long road ahead and it’s going to be a hard task getting all sorts of work done. If VC or angel investor is backing you up, you can Hire a team to get all things related to recruiting, marketing, support, project management, and planning you need. If you’re bootstrapping, then it’s a whole another scenario.

If any case, you need a task management system that can keep you on track and help you with everyday tasks, all day long for the next phase of your life. You need an app that has some crazy powerful good mojo behind it that redefines the game.

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The service is Apptivo Projects. Here are the 5 reasons why you should check it out especially for managing all the work you need to define, track and complete if you want to build a remarkable startup.

Reason 1: Comments Over Emails

Email is not your friend when building a startup. It’s the evil Nemesis that slows everything down and drags you under. Not so with Apptivo, and really not so if you’re more than a one-person startup. Every task and project and workspace is owned and can be followed and thereafter commented on by any other member of the team. No more emails about and instead of work: just work that everyone in your startup can track, comment and contribute to at the right level.

Reason 2: One Tool For All Your Needs

Count up the number of systems you’ll need in your startup: a customer management system, lead generation system, task management, help desk, marketing, etc. Each task needs their tool to get this done right. But the problem is too many systems and too much money out of your wallet.

Instead, Apptivo can be an overall killer system to get all these different tasks done in one system. Apptivo has a suite of business apps ranging from CRM, Email marketing, Help desk, Project management, Invoices, Accounting, etc. You don’t ever need another software to run your business.

Reason 3: Collaborate With Freelancers

Apptivo makes it easy to create workspaces for your core team and the different people in your startup’s life whom you connect with. Or you can invite outsiders to be part of a specific project. Or members of the team can follow particular tasks. Being able to define what needs doing, get feedback from the doer, let others track and comment on the item, project or workspace level squeezes out the need for endless email rounds.

Reason 4: Focus On What Matters

Apptivo is structured so you can focus by the person, project, tags or any combination thereof. This makes asking key questions – what do I have to get done this week? who can do graphics? what projects have must-do this week tasks? which projects was Joe working on before he jumped ship? – easy to answer and easy to process into action.

Reason 5: They’re not lists, they’re workflows

You can choose to treat a project as a list of things to get done or as a process tasks move through. For example, let’s say you’re a writer who wants to move work from brainstorm to outline to the first draft to polish to place as a guest post – you can move tasks from section to section, with the right people, checklist and work plan immediately taking effect. Organizing tasks into workflows where you can optimize each step turns death by task list into a system of improvable processes.

Finally, did I mention Apptivo has a free forever plan and has iOS and Android app to get things done on-the-move.


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