5 Key Strategies to Convert Leads Using Apptivo CRM Software

For the marketing scenario, converting leads has always been a task of great difficulty. While dealing with targeted markets, it can be even hard for marketing departments to nurture the leads. It is because the process of lead conversion demands great efforts due to a relatively converged group of targeted people and they as well are having a sensible understanding of the market. This makes it very crucial for companies to understand the challenges before them and the customers as well as the industry they are dealing with.

For a lot of businesses, even ones having a targeted pool of customers it is hard to facilitate the lead conversion without a proper strategy formulated according to your market needs. Let us take a look at the 5 key strategies to convert leads using Apptivo’s CRM software.

Defining your Perfect Customers

Without having a proper group of targeted customers, there isn’t any chance that even the best marketing strategies would work for you. If you’re unsure of what customers you need to attract, then it isn’t an easy task to formulate your marketing strategy according to them. Therefore, you need to work on specific details of your customers and develop buyer personas for your business. Now, for creating the perfect buyer persona for your company, you need to work out precise data and sales information that will help you in qualifying leads. There may be a set of different buyer personas for your company based on the variety of products you offer. Hence, determining the perfect customer is the first step to your marketing strategy.

Developing Curated Content

For any marketing strategy, content development is a crucial part as it is the main interface between your brand and the people that are more likely to get converted into leads. Creating content resources such as videos, blogs, and social media posts is the best method for your company to draw the attention of the right audience. For this, you need to understand what content is most relevant to people seeking a certain product from your industry. And rather than working on a single line of the same content for your entire brand, you need to create specific content, revolving around the needs of people. You can take the help of keywords and questions frequently asked on the internet for the purpose.

Offering Personalized Communication Channels

The main thing that attracts the customers the most in a marketing and business department is having personalized experiences. In the case of communication channels, offering personalized experiences to people is the best way to convert them into leads. For this, you need to be aware of ways to deliver customized communication and it can be done by grouping your audience into smaller segments to facilitate communication, based on similar details and preferences. It could be based on the people connecting with the brand in different ways such as from a variety of sources. These methods help them to experience experiences based on their choices of channels and mediums.

Expanding your Brand’s Online Presence

When you seek to draw attention to your brand, you have to make your presence where the people searching for a particular product are. Using social media, blogs, and other mediums is good but these aren’t common places for people to get familiar with your brand. The most frequent places where people ask each other in a community regarding a niche market are community forums. For this, you need to make yourself and your brand a known name in the category of products. And it can be done by putting up content about your brand at such places where they might lead to being informative, advisory, or brand discovery content. It will act as a medium for the interaction of your brand with people.

Creative Keyword and Audience Research

While working with keywords and researching the audience, you need not only find out what services or products people need but also their support queries. In a niche market, where people demand and get unique products, there are plenty of opportunities when people ask about support from communities regarding the product from the same industry. That is where you can focus your research and development on customer’s needs and you can curate your services accordingly. Such as when dealing with an IT service, someone might ask about a product using that service and maybe you are the one dealing with that particular group of products. So be creative while doing audience research.

These are 5 main tips from Apptivo to convert leads, but alongside these, you can also use additional tips such as offering fancy discounts, following-up on customers’ requests, using call-to-action, optimizing your web experience, using other CRM methods, and having a flexible approach towards customers.

Apptivo’s CRM software helps you gain proper insights and give you the control to manage a variety of communication channels from calls to SMS to emails all in one place. Apptivo’s CRM integration allows you to manage your outreach marketing by controlling customer communications and featuring options to handle leads. Apptivo provides you access to the Leads application in the integrated CRM software giving you the statuses of leads depending on which you can manage each customer individually. You can also control automatic lead assigning inside Apptivo CRM with a customized set of criteria so that no lead is left unchecked. It also features alerts and notifications so that you don’t have to miss any upcoming follow-up anymore.


Lead conversion is important for any organization to grow. Certain points are needed to be kept in mind while planning a marketing strategy for your brand. Different factors play different roles in boosting lead conversion rates and ensuring that you don’t leave any miss out on any key aspect, Apptivo is here to help you.

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