Maximize Your Productivity At Work Using Apptivo

Increasing productivity has always been the prime goal of employers. Bigger companies hire HRs and motivational speakers to achieve this seemingly difficult task. While some are successful, it does not come with a guarantee of a fool-proof increment in productivity rates of the workers. So, as an SME what can you do?

The answer is simple: look at the small bits and address those issues. Whether you are working from the office or home, keeping a check on how well your team is functioning, what resources are needed and areas of improvement are the first steps towards increasing profits. If you want to boost productivity at work, then there is no other better tool than Apptivo.

5 Hacks To Increase Your Productivity To The Optimum Level

1. Setting Workflows

Setting Workflows

To get the most out of your day, you should determine which tasks are the most important. Assign your teams with daily or weekly goals based on the immediate objectives for your company. It could be increasing the number of sales or onboarding more clients by the end of the month. You can set KPIs easily using Apptivo’s Project Management tool, monitor their progress regularly, and provide your feedback for quicker resolution. You can also set desired timelines within which the targets have to be achieved.

The Project Manager also comes with a timesheet where you can oversee the number of hours devoted to each task, and plan each activity around the employees’ schedules. Handling tasks by breaking them down into smaller portions will help raise the yields.

2. Set Reminders

Set Reminders

It is a well-known fact that setting reminders increases productivity. But, how will you motivate your employees? In such cases, it is wise to send reminders an hour or so before the task is due so that the employee has ample time to complete them. Whenever a task is shown as pending on the Project Manager’s Gantt Chart, a reminder is directly sent to the concerned employee. This can bring huge modifications to how quickly and efficiently your daily and weekly tasks are completed, without having to reschedule any deadlines.

Don’t forget to send out reminders for breaks, too! Regular breaks after completion of tasks or milestones can be a good productivity booster and a motivator. The best results come from a healthy working environment. The way you promote working smart over working a lot, you should also encourage taking breaks over straining oneself.

3. Automate Repetitive Tasks

Automate Repettive Task

Why make your employees handle tasks manually when automation can do the same within minutes? In order to liberate your workers from the boredom that comes from performing repetitive tasks, and to save a lot of time, you can automate such activities.

One such task is sending emails. Creating emails every time a customer leaves a query or drops an issue on your website, or to market your product via online mails may exhaust your employee. Use the Help Desk and Email Marketing Tools to speed up the process. Integrate your emails and customer data into one system so that you no longer have to switch between multiple platforms to get one task done.

4. Empower Employees

Empower Employees

When you give sufficient liberty, authority, and autonomy to your employees, the overall productivity of your business will shoot up. This is not to say that a manager’s duties are reduced, but relaxed.

Consider this, when a worker has to keep going back to the team manager to access data regarding a customer, it can increase the time taken to resolve that matter. With the lesser time taken and the quality of service, the customer is sure to come back.

If bigger projects and assignments are broken down into smaller tasks, with the help of Project Manager from Apptivo, it will be easier for team members to put their autonomy to good use. These small tasks can then be completed without any delay or misuse of resources. Thus, increasing productivity.

5. Streamline All Tasks

Streamline All Tasks

Streamlining all the business-related activities has numerous benefits. Some of them are: saving time in training new employees, the easier transition between apps, more productivity, and quicker resolution of issues.

When every important task is brought in one place, employees no longer have to be pressured by having to learn multiple applications and software. This increases confidence and productivity amongst workers. When you can easily track all the customer-related information in one place, and all employees have access to that data, it helps to keep pace with customer inquiry, without the need to start from scratch. Therefore, what once took nearly hours, can now be resolved in a matter of minutes, thanks to Apptivo’s Help Desk.

The Final Task

When you have fulfilled the above-mentioned criteria, there is one important point to also consider – the well being of your employees. While you encourage good working practices, it is equally important to keep your employees happy and promote work-life balance. Make sure that out of the work timings, they have sufficient time to spend with family and do recreational activities. After all, a happy employee is the one that works the best!

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