Writing effective subject lines for email campaigns isn’t easy. It puts a lot of pressure.

If your subject line sucks then no one is gonna open it, read it, and won’t convert! As simple as that.


Now that we’ve understood the importance of subject lines, this blog is gonna help you write the best subject line that’s gonna increase your open ratio and actually gonna work.

Personalize Your Subject Line

The more relevant the subject line is to the reader more likely it is gonna help in boosting your email open rates. This is where personalization comes in to play.

Try personalizing with subscribers’ location, job title, interests etc.

Use Emojis

Emoji are the best ways to attract attention. Well thought out emoji can increase open rate. But one should be beware of overusing them. Overusing can make emails look like spam.

Finding the balance is critical for an effective subject line. If not, it can look bad on your brand and can be seen childish.


Keep It Short and Sweet

Optimal subject email lengths are between 23 and 40 characters. It is easily scannable at a glance. Marketers should also consider what devices readers view the email.

The below image lists the number of characters that some of the common devices and clients display.


It is always best to find the common ground and optimize the character length that suits all devices and clients.

Feed Sense of Urgency

Your subscribers receive lots of emails every day and that means lots of competition. Grabbing their attention is crucial.

Adding deadlines or potential savings can help your subscribers to take action right away. It is always best to get your subscribers to act now rather than later.

Some of the best examples are listed below:

“Only a few remaining”
“X left in stock”
“Only X available”

These tips are just a start. It might work best for some companies and not for others. So it is always best to test what works for your audience. It might take time but trial and error is the best way to find what works you.


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