4 Advantages of Automation in Customer Support

When it comes to customer service, even a single minute plays an important role in affecting the customers’ experience and making them not like your service at all. Talking to support agents and being put on hold for tens of minutes makes the customers not use the service again, and also promotes a bad image of your support service. The solution to this is automated customer services that makes it easier for customers to solve their issues and not waste their time on lengthy calls. It’s important for your business as well because it improves customer experience and reduces the burden on your representatives. So, let’s see how Automation in Customer Service is advantageous and how Apptivo helps you in providing automated services to your customers.

How Apptivo features automation and helps your business?

Apptivo’s CRM Software comes with an Integrated Help Desk and Cloud Contact Center solution that lets you have a lot of automated options in your customer service, helping you to improve customer experience and eventually, accelerate revenue . When integrating your business with Apptivo’s Cloud Contact Center and Help Desk, you can interact effectively with your customers and provide them the best experience with automated services. Apptivo features a lot of processes with automation that is beneficial for your entire operation and lets you manage different processes more efficiently, saving time as well as making the handling of customers more efficient. Apptivo CRM features the following main advantages of automated processes.

Easy Intake of Tickets

Conventional processes include the handling of tickets by individuals. But that often leads to conditions where tickets are accepted and routed to the wrong individuals due to a large number of tickets available to process. Because of this, employees spend too much time routing tickets to the right people in the organization lengthening the time of resolution and degrading customer experience. But with automated customer service, the intake of tickets becomes easier for employees as tickets are evaluated automatically and routed to the right agent . Also, a large number of tickets aren’t an issue for automated customer services as it solves a lot of queries & issues right at the moment and only forwards the requests it can’t solve. Apptivo features automated ticket processing resulting in easier management of tickets as well as a better follow-up. It allows your sales reps to quickly get through customer tickets without sorting the tickets for bigger issues.

Automatic Allocation using Triggers

When tickets are processed, there are times when cases are allocated to the wrong individuals rather than to the experts in the organization. Manually allocating tickets takes time in specifying each ticket individually and routing it to the concerned departments. With triggers, you can control the automated processes and how they should be initiated. After creating triggers, an activity is initiated by the system whenever a set criterion is met. Such as when there is a need to create or update a record, a trigger can automate the process by examining the criteria and if it is met or not. It makes it easier for you to accomplish small tasks without spending extra time on them.

With Apptivo, you get access to a lot of different triggers such as event-based triggers and time-based triggers using which you can specify the initiation of automated tasks. You can also add multiple trigger conditions for the same automation process to be initiated in multiple events.

SLA Automation

Very often, there are situations when an SLA request is encountered by the system and put on hold due to some issues. But, you need to provide service to those customers who have a set contract with your organization. So, automated processes make it easier for you to process SLA requests. You can define rules in your system regarding individual agreements that escalate those tickets at the earliest without making the customers wait for long. Automated customer service processes the tickets based on their level of escalation and reassigns the ticket whenever needed. Using Apptivo, you can set several targets for the SLA requests to be analyzed before initiating automated processing, resulting in a better escalation of tickets based on the priority of agreements.

Scheduled Reports

The report generation process is a must in any business as it provides you with relevant detailed information. Due to heavy querying in the sales department and several changes in customer profiles, creating reports is often a big task. But with automated customer services, reports can be created automatically based on the schedule in your system. Scheduled reports help you in saving time, improving the efficiency of sales processes, increasing productivity, and providing valuable insights so that you can stay aware of your business processes at regular intervals.

Apptivo gives you the benefits of detailed reporting without hassling with a huge amount of data to produce relevant reports. Customer reports, as well as performance reports of your sales reps, can be automatically created on a set time interval or frequency as per your requirements removing any chances of errors and conditions when you forget to make reports. So, with automated processes in Apptivo CRM, empower your sales today and give your customer service an edge.


Automation won’t help your customers on its own, it needs the support of your skilled employees and an answering service team. It does help your reps in managing your customer requests more efficiently and provide them with the solution to their problems at the earliest. Hence, it surely improves the way your sales perform and eventually help your business grow.

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