Let’s start with the golden rule:

“You’re not hiring to fill the positions. You’re hiring to grow the company!”

Growing your founding team in a startup is a daunting responsibility – especially for first-time founders. This is where enterprise recruitment software can be a tremendous help. While hiring for any role is always difficult, for young startups, growing your team is a particular challenge, as the first 10 employees determine the next 100.

For startup founders, hiring should be one of the top priorities when you consider growing your team. You should be ready to commit a lot of your time in the hiring process from designing a hiring plan to selecting from your shortlisted candidates.

To help you along, I’ve jotted down some of the things one should be aware of to find the right person for your startup.

1) It’s a marathon, not a sprint

You don’t want to affect your team’s productivity by hiring fast and bringing the wrong person on board. Even if you’re in a pinch and need to hire a resource fast, find more time to dedicate to hiring.

Slow and steady wins the race. It such a cliché but fits well.

2) Have Everyone on the Team Interview the Candidate

Finding an employee that would fit in your culture is tricky. Person A and Person B might get along, Person B and Person C might get along, but that doesn’t mean Person A and C will get along.

This could affect the overall workflow and productivity. When you’re small it’s easy for your team to interview the candidates and see if they’d fit in well. When your team feels that you have a productive working dynamic with him, you’ll know you have the right guy.

3) Hiring for Potential vs Experience

The following question is so important and there’s no easy answer.

“Is it better to hire an experienced developer or one with more potential with less experience?”

This entirely depends on fluctuations in your workload and the types of work required. It will change each time you hire someone. Both groups have their advantages. The right mix of these groups can elevate your company standard.


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