3 Benefits of Having a CRM Integrated With Project Management

Most businesses nowadays face challenges while choosing Software for their work. They are stuck with a choice between a CRM and a Project Management System and it is because of the purpose both the Software are meant to be used. CRM is generally considered as Software for businesses that focus on the generation of leads, contacts & sales management, etc. On the other hand, people perceive Project Management Software as a tool to plan, initiate, and execute processes in their project to meet goals in a specified time. So, it is important to know about the major benefits of integration between both the tools that make it crucial for businesses to adopt the solution. Let’s see how Apptivo benefits your business by giving an integrated CRM with a Project Management tool.

What is CRM project management?

A CRM project management is a complete solution that binds together two important applications into a centralized platform that unifies data and achieves the desired goal. The CRM takes care of the customer relationship part, while the project management helps define the tasks, prioritize the resources and keep track of the efforts throughout the project journey which indeed benefits the customer.

The goal of project management is to ensure that the projects are completed within the stipulated time. CRM plays a significant role in project management that helps you leverage the techniques and practices in order to accomplish the project objectives promptly.

Need of Integrated CRM with Project Management

Need of Integrated CRM with Project Management

Project and Service based companies find it difficult to track the complete lifecycle of their clients and update their clients on the project information. It is because every person in a department doesn’t have access to client and project information in a single place. And to gather that information from separate places as well as to update the client to the earliest is quite a challenging task for every salesperson and employee. Very often, they need to compile information such as order requests from the client, their sales history, contact information, etc. and this information is available only on the CRM.

When talking about Project metrics and information such as progress data, timeline, budget changes, etc. clients need that information for being updated on their project. For that purpose, Project Management tools are used, but the main challenge in this whole process is moving from platform to platform and from one concerned person to another. And this lengthy process can also cause miscommunication to occur between employees resulting in a weakened relationship with customers as they could get their hands on completely wrong information in the first place.

To help your organization tackle the challenges in information and data movement across CRM & Project Management tools as well as ensuring a better relationship with your customers, Apptivo brings to you an integrated CRM & Project Management Experience. It enables your organization to improve your ongoing operations including Sales, Marketing, and Support Service. Along with this, Apptivo’s integrated CRM allows you to eliminate data silos in your organization and therefore, improves the data visibility across different departments. With that known, let us move to the main benefits that Apptivo’s integrated CRM & Project Management provides to your business.

Main Benefits of Integrated CRM & Project Management

Main Benefits of Integrated CRM & Project Management

Streamlined Workflows & Set Objectives

It is important for every organization to precisely align its projects according to the clients’ information and their vision regarding the project itself. And that starts right with the beginning of the project. So, Apptivo’s Project Management with CRM gives you control over every bit of information about a client and a project so that there must not be any uncertainties in the process.

It also provides your employees with the key metrics and indicators to track the progress of a project. Conclusively, it makes your team establish clear goals for a project, making the whole process streamlined. Therefore, Apptivo makes every step of your business processes more simplified making it easier for your employees to take control over different aspects and reach out to your clients when needed.

Proper Planning

Apptivo’s Project Management features project planning as its part that allows for the use of different resources to plan out the processes in a project. Setting up steps of the project, defining project objectives, clarifying the scope of the project, and developing the list of tasks to be accomplished for project completion. It also helps you in managing the estimates and budgets of a project and achieving deadlines according to the same. Hence, with Apptivo’s integrated CRM & Project Management, you get rid of lengthy planning sessions, and management of processes as well as assigning of the concerned assets. All you get is a properly planned process of a project and a practical approach to accomplish it.

Organized Processes & Tracking of Progress

Apptivo Project Management lets you create a standardized procedure to manage your business more effectively. It does so by involving every resource in a company and assigning it to the right part of the project lifecycle by aligning with the basic strategy of the project and following a set process according to it.

Alongside, it keeps you completely updated on the project’s progress so that your employees remain focused on achieving the concerned tasks so that the project remains on the track of completion without any error delay being introduced in between. Apart from this, Apptivo CRM also gives you access to other applications such as Invoices and Timesheets so that you get to know the best of all aspects.

Hence, Apptivo’s integrated CRM & Project Management is certainly a great tool for businesses revolving around the delivery of projects and services. It gives your business a great potential to overcome different challenges and achieve perfection in processes.


It is very difficult for companies to serve their customers and employees simultaneously, but in this modern era, it shouldn’t be. CRM & Project Management are both different and great tools for businesses but, they can be of more value when used together by integrating them into a single platform. When integrated, both tools help the customers as well as employees in their different ways and make it possible for you to deliver a seamless experience to your customers. With Apptivo’s integrated CRM & Project Management, uncover the potential that it holds for your customers & employees and boost your productivity & growth.

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