Have you ever heard the term “technophobia”? It can be described as fear or dislike towards advanced technology or complex devices, such as computers, software or any other technological tool.

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So, if you feel your team comes under this category, you must do something quick. Technology is always a good friend of business because it helps in process improvement, automating tasks, save time and yield better results.

Technology has changed business for good by giving us the opportunity to feel close to those who are far away, minimizing time on some practices, etc.

Businesses should always encourage its sales team to adopt innovative tools and technology sooner rather than later. This could give them time to adapt and competitive edge over the other competitors in the ever-growing and busy market. So, discover the 10 strategies for beating this technophobia on your sales team:

1. Highlight the benefits

Switching isn’t easy. One easy way to make them is by explaining the advantages the new technology gives them. For the Sales team, switching to CRM software could be their biggest fear. In that case, you can start by pointing out the advantages of how it can automate their tasks, improve customer interaction, data streamline the sales process, and more.

2. Track the way

After you involve your team on the importance of adopting these technological tools, you must make them feel that it´s helping them on a daily basis. They must see it as something better and not something that requires any additional effort.

Keep an eye on the development of regular tasks with the new scenario and watch your team´s behavior.

3. Celebrate and recognize

Recognize your team´s achievements and encourage them to keep it this way if they feel your support in the benefits of using sales CRM for small business, a software for sales management, etc. they will even want to add new systems from now on.

Manage their expectations in a clear and transparent way so that they are sure that these tools are in their hands to make work easier and faster.

4. Provide training

To be successful in the adoption of new technologies, you must provide the right learning options to your team; they won´t learn on their own. Regularly offer guidance. If you get them to use a CRM tool like Apptivo, they will receive free training from the company in a detailed manner.

5. Focus

Avoid using too many different systems, choose wisely what your main objectives are and work to achieve them. An app like Apptivo combines different tools like quoting, CRM, project management and others, all in one place.

6. Remember

Try to remember your team and how their performance was before adopting these technologies and the great benefits that it brings to the sales team now. It’s important to recognize the difference between the past and present.

7. Explain, explain and explain

Give all the needed information your team needs for them to grab these new technologies and make them their own; it has to be a natural process which is comfortable and in a rhythm that includes every member of the team.

8. Be part of the process:

You as a leader have to be involved in all the phases And by believing in the product you will be the first in adopting these new tools and the example everyone will follow.

9. Be open to receiving feedback

Be open to receiving feedback from your team., You must know how they are adapting to this new process. The success of this implementation will have a lot to do with how you live the process and detect problems in the early stages so you can react and fix them without jeopardizing the result.

10. Share

Find some time to share experiences so that you will see how the team is feeling about technology and if you are achieving your goal of beating the technophobia on your team. In fact, bringing in new talent to the team can be a really good strategy, especially if they are younger so will be natural tech consumers and will help others on this adapting process.

Now, you can be sure that the right software is the one that grows with your business, an integrated one that provides all the solutions you need. It’s always better to have all in one place like Apptivo, all the apps in one cloud solution.
It includes CRM, Project Management, Invoicing & more; adjustable for any business size and giving you the extra time you need to balance your personal life.



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