Tools to boost productivity

The Sales sector in businesses is ever-shifting with the newest trends and tactics that raise new challenges annually. To tackle these challenges, sales professionals need the right tools. In 2023, a new set of tools emerged as game-changers. Here’s a roundup of the ten best tools that are set to revolutionize sales productivity this year in your company!

Understanding Sales Productivity

Sales productivity is a metric that’s integral to a business’s growth and success. But what exactly is it, why is it important, and how can companies optimize it? Let’s delve deeper into understanding this concept.

What is Sales Productivity?

Sales productivity refers to the rate at which sales team members convert leads into customers relative to the costs involved in the process. It’s not merely about making sales; it’s about efficiently and effectively utilizing resources to make those sales.

Tools to boost productivity

Why is Sales Productivity Important?

Sales productivity isn’t just a buzzword, it’s a foundational element of successful sales management. By understanding its nuances and working to enhance it, businesses can optimize their resources, boost revenues, and ensure sustainable growth. Sales productivity is crucial for many reasons:

  • Resource allocation

When sales productivity is high, fewer resources (time, money, and effort) are wasted.

  • Increased profits

Efficient sales processes typically lead to higher margins and profitability.

  • Competitive edge

A productive sales team can outpace competitors, seizing a larger market share.

  • Employee morale

When sales reps feel they’re achieving their goals efficiently, it boosts their confidence and job satisfaction.

Key Considerations in Choosing the Ideal Sales Tools Software

Choosing the right sales tools and software is vital for streamlining processes, improving productivity, and driving revenue growth. Factors to consider when selecting the best sales tools software for your needs.

Tools to boost productivity
  • Integration capabilities

Smooth integration of software with your existing systems to avoid data silos.

  • Customization

Choose a tool that allows for customization to fit your specific sales processes and workflows.

  • Ease of use

User-friendly interfaces lead to quicker adoption rates among your team.

  • Scalability

Opt for software that can handle an increase in data, users, and functionalities.

  • Training and support

Quality customer support and comprehensive training resources are crucial.

  • Cost effectiveness

A more expensive tool may provide better features that can lead to higher sales and productivity in the long run.

  • Real-time data access

Access to real-time data can be invaluable for salespeople in the field for making informed decisions promptly.

  • Automation features

Manual data entry time and repetitive tasks can be drastically reduced.

  • Security measures

With increasing cybersecurity threats, it’s essential that your chosen software has robust security protocols to protect sensitive customer and company data.

  • Feedback and reviews

Lastly, consider reviews and feedback from other businesses.

Top 10 Tools to Boost Sales Productivity

SaaS tools have emerged as indispensable allies for sales teams. Choosing the right ones can be a transformative step in boosting sales efficiency.

In this guide, we’ll steer you through the vast landscape of available tools, elucidate their significance, and demonstrate the optimal ways to integrate them into your sales strategy.

One of the critical pain points in sales is setting, tracking, and achieving goals. Traditional methods often fail to keep teams aligned and focused on the main objectives. This is where OKR (Objectives and Key Results) comes into the spotlight. As a proven methodology, OKRs provide a structured approach to goal-setting and tracking. They ensure that everyone is aligned and marching towards the same overarching objectives. Given their pivotal role in aligning goals and driving results, it can be argued that OKRs are the fundamental tool that’s essential for optimal sales productivity.

1. Objectives and Key Results (OKR) Software

OKRs, or Objectives and Key Results, are effective goal management tools bridging the strategy-execution gap. They assist in setting clear objectives and in tracking them with measurable key results. Some of the world’s most successful organizations attribute their phenomenal growth to the iterative nature of the OKR methodology.

A sales team’s productivity impacts revenue and directly links the company to its customers. The company’s growth depends on tracking the sales team’s goals using an agile OKR software. OKRs provide sales teams with the much-needed structure and a way to simultaneously achieve and stretch their goals.

The OKR method aligns the length and breadth of the organization with shared priorities. The sales team collectively decides on the Objectives they want to achieve and assigns each Objective a set of 3-5 Key Results. Strategically crafted sales OKRs can be the backbone of a highly productive and happy sales team.

Using agile, user-friendly OKR software ensures alignment and clarity across the organization. Whether a large enterprise or a budding startup,’s OKR-centered Management Software is a versatile solution that expedites strategic execution with precision. The platform is backed by 24×7 live support and an outcome-focused OKR Coaching and Consulting program, ensuring customers consistently achieve their goals. is trusted by many companies, from startups to Fortune 500 corporations. The platform also includes Performance Management, which promotes Employee Development and Engagement, fostering a culture of growth and high performance. serves diverse sectors across 25 countries, including finance, telecom, manufacturing, retail, and government, catering to the strategic needs of organizations worldwide.

Tools to boost productivity

The journey of Allstate Dealer Services, a distinguished member of the Fortune 500 Allstate Corporation family, is a testament to the successful implementation of’s OKR methodology to drive sales excellence. With a commitment to innovation, customer-centricity, and fostering agent and dealer partnerships, they’ve harnessed the potential of OKRs to elevate their sales game. Explore the step-by-step evolution of Allstate’s sales teams as they embraced OKRs. From initial skepticism to enthusiastic collaboration, uncover the pivotal role OKRs played in shaping a high-performance sales culture.

2. Performance Management Software

Performance management software is essential for companies that aspire to remain progressive and successful. Performance Reviews today have evolved, offering insights on continuous performance management, suitable performance review phrases, feedback, rewards, and recognitions. Companies aiming to scale their sales efforts must recognize the advantages of agile, customizable, and easy-to-use performance management software. This software ensures businesses stay ahead in their employee performance and engagement endeavors by providing real-time insights, enabling unbiased reviews, and guaranteeing each team member aligns with the company’s objectives.’s Performance Management Software is a game-changer. The Performance Management System from is a pioneering tool to redefine how organizations evaluate and enhance performance. This robust platform boasts various features, including configurable review templates, competency tracking, and seamless documentation of performance reviews. Catering to diverse organizational needs, it provides localization options and an intuitive mobile application.

Additionally, it offers valuable add-ons: Pulse surveys for real-time feedback, a Meetings module for streamlined communication, and reward systems to celebrate and recognize employee achievements. Collectively, these features render’s PMS, an all-encompassing solution for amplifying organizational performance. The platform arms companies with the essential tools to boost their performance management, fostering a positive mindset and an unwavering dedication to business growth.

Tools to boost productivity

Amidst the challenges of securing a modern, remote workforce accessing applications across multiple public clouds, Banyan Security shines brightly. Leveraging’s Performance Management Module, they’ve scaled effortlessly, even with rapid growth. This success story stands as a testament to businesses seeking efficient performance management to build high-performance teams.

3.Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

An essential tool for businesses to manage and optimize their interactions with customers is the CRM software. Essentially a centralized database, a CRM houses vital customer data, from contact details to purchasing patterns. It’s a multifaceted platform: sales teams use it to handle leads and track sales progression; marketers employ its segmentation and automation features for targeted campaigns; and support teams track and resolve customer issues with its integrated tools. One of its standout features is analytics, offering insights into sales trends and customer behaviors.

When considering CRM software, it becomes imperative not just to glance but to thoroughly analyze current reviews, actively seek genuine user feedback, and be vigilant about fresh market entrants. Beyond the basics, tailoring your choice becomes pivotal. Whether inclined towards an industry-specific CRM platform or hunting for one with unique integrations, aligning these tools to your business operations can significantly improve efficiency and effectiveness.


Apptivo is versatile, catering to businesses of all sizes across various industries. It offers efficient, streamlined solutions for customer and partner interactions. The platform’s flexibility, power, and affordability are underscored by the trust of over 150,000 businesses from 194 countries. Known for its CRM prowess, Apptivo also shines in project management, customer management, invoicing, and communication.Apptivo’s Kanban view is great to see the sales cycle progress in real time. Further enhancing its capabilities, Apptivo CRM integrates seamlessly with G Suite and Office 365.

Apptivo Project Management assists businesses in planning, executing, and delivering projects. Users can create tasks, assign resources, manage budgets, track progress, and generate reports. This tool seamlessly integrates with Apptivo CRM and other apps, ensuring a holistic project overview.

From solo entrepreneurs to established corporations, Apptivo’s platform delivers an integrated experience from a unified dashboard. Apptivo Invoicing allows businesses to process online payments globally, from creating invoices and estimates to tracking payments and managing taxes. Additionally, it dovetails with Apptivo CRM for a cohesive billing procedure.

Keeping stride with technological evolution, Apptivo’s dedication to innovation stands out. They adapt to emerging tech trends while maintaining their core user-friendly design ethos. Apptivo Field Service aids businesses in managing field operations, from generating work orders to invoicing for tasks completed.

Apptivo isn’t just about tools. Recognizing the myriad challenges businesses face, they extend round-the-clock exemplary support. Whether through a phone call, chat, or email, they stand ready to assist. The Apptivo Help Desk is primed to elevate customer support, enabling ticket creation, agent assignment, SLA management, and issue resolution. With a robust suite of over 50 integrated apps, Apptivo is more than a service provider; it’s a growth champion for businesses. Embracing Apptivo software is a forward step for businesses eager to thrive in the digital landscape.

Tools to boost productivity
Tools to boost productivity

4.Calling Software

As the world inches closer through the threads of digital communication, many calling software solutions rise to the forefront, each offering unique capabilities to bridge distances. From high-definition video conferencing to crisp voice clarity, a professional seeking seamless team collaboration, or an individual yearning for uninterrupted chats with loved ones, today’s solutions have covered all bases.


A leading global provider of comprehensive video-first unified communications solutions, Zoom has transformed the way businesses and individuals work. Offering a seamless blend of video meetings, voice, webinars, and chat across desktops, phones, and conference room systems, Zoom connects and empowers users across enterprises of all sizes. Recognized for its innovative technology and user-centric design, Zoom is the preferred choice for millions to bring their teams together in an increasingly digitized world.

Tools to boost productivity

5.Email Marketing Software

Email marketing remains a pivotal tool for businesses and individuals looking to communicate directly with their audiences. These platforms offer tools for designing, sending, and analyzing email campaigns, allowing users to engage their audience and assess the effectiveness of their outreach.


As a pioneering leader in the world of marketing automation, Mailchimp empowers businesses and individuals to engage and connect with their audience effortlessly. Serving millions worldwide, Mailchimp offers an all-in-one integrated platform that seamlessly blends email campaigns, advertisements, and analytics tools. Businesses can schedule campaigns, A/B test copy, and get reports that include open rates, click-through rates, unsubscribe rates, and more.

Tools to boost productivity

6. Daily Task Management Software

Daily task management software is a digital assistant for individuals and teams to prioritize, organize, and track tasks. These tools streamline workflows, ensure nothing is overlooked, and enhance productivity by offering features like reminders, integrations with other apps, and progress tracking. For personal chores or complex team projects, such software is pivotal in ensuring goals are met efficiently and on time.


A comprehensive task management and project management platform that offers a suite of productivity tools designed to cater to both individual and team needs. Lauded for its customizable features, ClickUp provides multiple viewing options like lists, boards, and calendars to adapt to various workflow preferences. With robust integrations, goal tracking, and time management utilities, it is a one-stop solution for varied organizational challenges. The platform’s adaptability and user-friendly interface make it a favorite among businesses aiming for streamlined operations and efficient task execution.

Tools to boost productivity

7. Sales Engagement Software

Sales engagement software is a tool that streamlines the sales process by integrating sales communication channels and tools, managing sales messaging and materials, and automating tasks, messages, and workflows. Sales engagement software integrates with existing sales solutions, such as a team’s CRM software, email, email tracking software, outbound call tracking software, sales intelligence software or leads intelligence providers, and sales enablement software for content management.


Mixmax champions efficient communication, streamlined operations, and impeccable timing. As a top-tier sales engagement platform, it elevates outreach efforts, enabling rapid market strategies, solid pipelines, and quick deal closures. The platform amplifies reach thanks to automated personalized touchpoints, polls, and GIFs. Smart scheduling makes booking meetings effortless, and Mixmax’s commitment to core values shines in every interaction.

Tools to boost productivity

8. Lead Enrichment Tool

A lead enrichment tool helps qualify the leads by adding more informatio. This additional information can include company and contact data, such as job titles, industry, company size, and purchasing power, among others.


Cognism is a B2B data provider that lets you enrich your lead data without credit restrictions. The tool helps you get all types of lead data — from demographics to intent. It also supports lead generation with manually verified mobile numbers called Diamond Data so your sales team can reach decision-makers faster and with fewer calls.

Tools to boost productivity

9. Prospecting Tools

Prospecting tools are indispensable for sales teams, swiftly identifying potential leads and gathering essential contact information. Integration with CRM systems enhances lead management and ensures a unified view of interactions. The accuracy and reliability of prospecting tools save time and bolster professionalism in reaching out to potential clients.

Renowned for revolutionizing email outreach, provides professionals with an unparalleled platform to discover and verify email addresses associated with any domain. Trusted by over four million users globally, Hunter combines proprietary technology with artificial intelligence to ensure accurate and enriched contact details.

Key Product Features

  • Domain Search Tool

Extract a list of all email addresses associated with a specific domain.

  • Email Finder suggests the most likely email format, streamlining your contact efforts.

  • Email Verifier

By verifying email addresses, you reduce bounce rates, thus preserving your domain’s reputation and improving deliverability.

  • Campaign Manager

Track opens, clicks, and replies, and leverage analytics to refine your outreach strategies.

  • Chrome Extension

Integrate into your daily browsing experience.

Whether you’re a marketer, salesperson, or recruiter,’s suite of tools is designed to integrate seamlessly into your workflow.

Tools to boost productivity

10. Scheduling Software

Scheduling software simplifies appointment booking for sales professionals and clients alike. These tools eliminate scheduling hassles with user-friendly interfaces and customizable options to suit individual preferences. Automated reminders enhance professionalism and reduce no-shows, while analytical insights optimize scheduling strategies for increased sales productivity.


Calendly, on the other hand, not only simplifies scheduling but also offers customization options and analytics insights, allowing sales professionals to tailor their meeting arrangements and track their effectiveness. Its user-friendly interface and automated reminders enhance the overall scheduling experience, making it a go-to choice for efficient time management in sales.

Tools to boost productivity

The difference between highly productive sales organizations and the rest often hinges on the tools they use and the methodologies they embrace. As we’ve journeyed through the top 10 sales productivity tools of 2023, it’s clear that while many instruments can enhance performance, OKRs stand out as the cornerstone. This proven methodology has established itself as the fundamental tool that sets high-performance teams apart. By adopting OKRs and other strategic tools, you’re positioning your sales team to soar and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the best in the business.

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