To make your work simplified, Apptivo enables you to connect your Apptivo account with Xero through two methods.

  1. Single Sign-On
  2. Integration through Business Settings

Single Sign-On

Apptivo allows you to create an account and log into Apptivo with your Xero credentials without creating a separate set of login credentials for Apptivo.

Sign Up Process

  • On the login page of Apptivo and select the Create Account button.
  • On Apptivo’s sign-up page, you can view the Xero logo under the Sign Up With option.
  • By clicking on the Xero, you will be redirected to the Log in to Xero page where you can enter your Xero credentials.
  • Your Apptivo account will be created with your Xero credentials and you will be redirected to the Apptivo’s welcome page to add your business details. Add the business information and get started with Apptivo.
  • You will also receive a welcome email from Apptivo.

Sign In Process

  • On Apptivo’s login page, select the Xero icon under the Sign In With option.
  • You will be redirected to the Log in to Xero page where you can add your Xero credentials to start managing your business operations with Apptivo.