This navigation part is landed in a port section on the work orders home page. It is the most important section because all the work orders options are displayed here. From here you can create a work order, have a view of the work orders by tags, custom view reports etc.

Create Work Order

The work orders can be created newly by entering the required information in the appropriate fields. You can include Services, Products or both during the work order creation. Hit on “Create” button once completed. You’ll be directed to the overview page of the work order created, where appropriate actions can be done.

Show All

It helps you to find all the work orders created. By clicking on Show All, all the work orders will be displayed, where you can have an overview of them.

View Work Order By Queue

By Queue is the module which is used to view the sequence of your work orders. This menu expands to show the list of your work orders and work orders that are pending approval.

Dispatch Calendar

Your Work Orders can be viewed conventionally under Dispatch Calendar, with a special consideration of an employee and also by the team. If an employee is added in the team then selecting “By Employee” dispatches the work orders assigned to that team and to an employee. This Dispatch Calendar works on the basis of “Service Delivery Window” pertaining those details given at the time of creating a work order.

View Work Order By Status

Under By Status you can find all the created work orders based on their statuses – All, Created, Submitted, Approved, Rejected, Not Started, In Progress, On Hold, Completed, Change Requested.

View Work Order By Tag

These tags are used to filter the work orders easily by their association. For instance, you have created a tag with name “External Customers”. Now, the work orders associated with this tag can be viewed by clicking on External Customers under By Tag.

My Views

A custom view is a feature that allows you to view work orders information with preferred data fields. You can select the columns you would like to view and save it as a shortcut, displaying only the custom fields required.

Shared Views

This is a feature which allows you to view the custom views created and shared by your employees.