Customizing collaboration in work orders app allows you to customize the visibility of the various tabs present in the overview page of the work orders.
This will secure the common activities tab in each object based on the access privilege. Your association dashboard includes:

  • News Feed
  • Calendar
  • Follow Ups
  • Tasks
  • Call Logs
  • Emails
  • Notes
  • Documents

Access Privileges

Set privileges are used for providing access to the users who are reputed to access the collaboration activities in the Work Orders App. The users who have privilege for this access, can use the Collaboration feature found in the overview page of the Work Orders App. Examples of various privileges include the ability to view, manage or create your own access privilege to users.


Tags are labels with one or two words which is used to organize the data in a personalized way. It allows to group records from various category by a common use, which facilitates finding or searching information. It includes:

  • App Tag – These tags are app specific. That is, it can be accessed only within the work orders app.
  • Global Tag – These tags can be accessed throughout the apps in Apptivo.

Email Templates

Email templates allows you to setup pre-defined messages. These are customized email messages that you can send to your customers or contacts. It contains an email subject and body text but, this body text can contain information of the work order. They can be used with any email sent.

Customize App

Customizing the Work Orders App allows you to custom it as per your business requirements.

  • Master Layout
    This supports you to add more custom fields that are not provided in the creation page, based on your business needs. Also, you can secure your custom fields, rename an attribute etc..
  • Print/Web Layouts
    This allows you to create PDF templates to customize the look & feel of the PDF work orders that are sent to customers.
  • List Layout
    Customizing the List Layout, you can easily access your preferred section quickly to save your custom views. This allows you to view the preferred fields in a table format.
  • Views
    Views are the filters that are easily accessible in the left navigation menu. Views can be configured and set as per your necessity in the left side navigation of the work orders dashboard.


Under security, you can create privileges and provide access to the users who are reputed to have access to the particular actions.