Timesheets Attributes

Apptivo online Timesheet can be adjusted to serve the needs of yours. One important tool for adjusting the timesheet applications is the possibility to add custom fields to the registered hours, approver, tasks and project.

The timesheet attributes which describes on each and every field of a timesheet. These attributes are involved in timesheet creation.


The employee who creates a timesheet is assigned to himself in an employee name field. He has the full access on the timesheet created and can also play the role of the approver.  If the employee who submits the timesheet has no manager assigned to them, then the timesheet will automatically be approved.


You can create a new customer or types the customer name as it will auto populate the existing customer.

A customer is not required (A customer is only required if you wish to invoice for this timesheet).


When the timesheet is created and submitted the approver of this timesheet will receive an email. They will then review the timesheet in a web page, and either approve or reject.

This value is determined by either a project’s timesheet approver setting, or set to your employee manager itself.


Timesheet period is calculated from the start and end date which you set. This is the date range of tasks that will be included in this timesheet. You will not be able to add any tasks which were not worked on during this period. The period length can be set up in timesheet App settings.


The hours are the attributes which determine the hours spent for the task on each day, accumulating a total hours at the bottom of the timesheet.


Create a task and link the timesheet to the previously created project. You can add multiple tasks if needed.


Create a task and link them with the previously created project, by typing the project name it will auto populate the entire project names. (The project is not required). While creating a timesheet from project search the projects by searching option and choose the projects with tasks.