Apptivo doesn’t just support your business with Timesheets; it comes with many other apps to run your small business. All apps are deeply integrated which communicate with one another. Any project task can be recorded and invoiced to a customer.


Integration with Invoices

Timesheet integrated with Invoices App, which support you to bill the customer for an approved timesheet.

  • Generate an invoice for an approved timesheet.
  • See timesheet breakdown on invoice PDF.
  • See related timesheet on invoices 360˚ view.

Integration with Project

The timesheet integrated with the project at once the project period encapsulate with the timesheets. The project manager takes part to approve the timesheet if the timesheet task is linked with the project. If the timesheet created from the project then the tasks embedded in project are also tracked in a timesheet. Once the tasks are tracked automatically the logged hours also imported in timesheets.

  • Tracks the project period
  • Tracks the tasks to create a timesheet for.
  • Logged hours automatically imported in timesheets

Integration with Employees

Integration with the employees is more important since the timesheet created by an employee and gets approval from the designated manager. Sometimes an employee will be a default approver when the timesheet has no customer and does not link to the project.

  • Created under an employee
  • The Employee manager is a default approver
  • Reports are generated for an employee
  • Assign activities to the employee

Integration with Holiday

  • Keep track of the holidays
  • Ensure employees report time on holidays of error.

Integration with Customers

Timesheet integration with customers took part while invoicing. The approved timesheet was invoiced for the customer. And the major part of the customer is the customer project manager. If the timesheet has the customer then it should get approved from the customer project manager.