Data level access

Advanced search for Timesheet

Apptivo also deliver advanced search mechanism for more accuracy in reports. To use the advanced search click “create report”. In the advanced search the employee name, customer status, timesheet created from, timesheet created to, and the timesheet period from, timesheet period to and hours range from, hours range to attributes are used as the filters.

Shared with others

The reports shared with others are accessed in data by entering the corresponding fields in the advanced search.

Security Roles- Role Based Access Control

Project Manager

A project manager, who has the ability to access all features and creating timesheet, But he cannot configure the settings of the timesheet. He has the role of approving the timesheet when the task in timesheet created and linked with the project. The project manager of the linked project should approve the timesheet. In other case if the project manager creates the project timesheet, then it is approved automatically.

Timesheet Report Manager

The Timesheet report manager has the ability to configure the timesheet reports and allow them to share with others, but he is locked with the timesheet creating features and configuring features.

Timesheet Manager

A Timesheet manager, who has all the access regarding the creation, configuration and reporting.