5 Ways To Be Sure If Your Startup Needs a CRM

Posted on 1:34 am, February 9, 2019 by Grace Douglus

A customer relationship management (or CRM) is critical for a multitude of businesses and involves a heavy focus on the interaction of customers, rather than the final transaction that businesses need. Rapid business growth If you’re running or involved with a business with rapid growth, a CRM system may feel quick to be outdated. But…

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5 Reasons To Use Apptivo To Build Your Startup

Posted on 11:25 am, February 6, 2019 by Grace Douglus

So you’ve got a crazy billion dollar idea, and you’re all set to build your startup from the ground. That means you’ve got a long road ahead and it’s going to be a hard task getting all sorts of work done. If VC or angel investor is backing you up, you can Hire a team…

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Why Startups Should Consider CRM

Posted on 10:17 pm, January 10, 2019 by Grace Douglus

As a startup, perhaps the most critical question you need to ask yourself is whether you intend on staying. The primary objective of any startup is to grow and develop and to fulfil this; you need an effective CRM solution. Startups often consider Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to be essential for the success of medium…

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8 Strategies to Reduce IT Costs

Posted on 7:09 am, November 28, 2018 by Grace Douglus

The pressure is mounting to reduce the IT cost of your establishment. And it seems like an impossible task to achieve. The cost reduction targets are necessary to drive organizational goals and objectives. Are there strategies you can readily incorporate to reduce costs without harming the IT department? This piece explores the ways to achieve…

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